Operation or Production Engineer

Operation or Production Engineer

Operation and production engineers are responsible for making sure the machinery in large-scale manufacturing processes for steel, timber or food products runs smoothly. They may also be involved in improving machinery in order to reduce manufacturing and processing costs.

Operations & production engineers generally earn:

  • $50-60,000 starting salary
  • $70-100,000 with more than four years' experience

Key tertiary qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering or Process Engineering

Required and recommended school subjects:

  • Calculus (required)
  • Physics (required)
  • Technology subjects
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics & Modelling
  • English

Careers New Zealand: Mechanical Engineer
Careers New Zealand: Process Engineer

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Operation or Production Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Ben Plumtree

    Production Engineer, Ben Plumtree at work

    Scott Dudok

    Projects Engineer, Scott Dudok at work

    Mitchel Woodhouse

    Operations Graduate, Mitchel Woodhouse at work

    Richard Muir

    Mechanical Project Eng, Richard Muir at work
  • Ian Laing

    Technologist, Ian Laing at work

    Ola Al Hassani

    Production Engineer, Ola Al Hassani at work

    Su'ad Barakat

    Operations Engineer, Su'ad Barakat at work

    Daniel (Dan) Phillips

    Operations Engineer, Daniel (Dan) Phillips at work
  • Steve Paulson

    Business Development Engineer, Steve Paulson at work

    Dayna Williams

    Lead Process Technician, Dayna Williams at work

    Andrew McCullagh

    Mechatronics Engineer, Andrew McCullagh at work

Operation or Production Engineer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Shell Todd Oil Services
    Shell Todd Oil Services
    Heinz Wattie's
    Heinz Wattie's
    Holcim Cement
    Holcim Cement

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