Master of Science

Master of Science

A Master of Science degree offers an extended opportunity to learn more about a particular area and develop scientific research skills under the supervision of an experienced scientist. Alternatively you may wish to enrol in a specialist or professional Master’s degree, particularly if your reason for studying is to improve your chances of getting a good job in industry.

The Master of Science degree generally takes two to two and a half years of full time study to complete. The first year is equivalent to the coursework component of an Honours year and is followed by a longer research project in the second year.

Completing a Master’s degree will provide you with well-developed technical skills in your area of study, as well as research and academic writing skills.

A Master of Science degree will generally qualify you for work as a research associate in most fields, although competition can be strong in popular areas such as Biological Sciences and Ecology.

Master’s degrees may be awarded with different levels of achievement, generally either Distinction, Merit and Pass or with first, second and third class honours as for an Honours degree.

If you enjoyed the research component of your Master’s degree and achieved a good grade, you might consider doing a PhD – a further three to five years of research. In some cases it may be possible to transfer your enrolment from a Master’s degree to a PhD, and extend the scope of your research project accordingly.

People who have a
Master of Science

  • Amanda MacDonald-Creevey

    GIS Analyst, Amanda MacDonald-Creevey at work

    Keshni Rasanayagam

    Senior Technician, Forensic Biology, Keshni Rasanayagam at work

    Jamie Boyle

    Environmental Specialist, Jamie Boyle at work

    Mrinal Murali

    Clinical Research Associate, Mrinal Murali  at work
  • Warrick Lyon

    Fisheries technician, Warrick Lyon at work

    Andrew Pugh

    Senior Entomology Technician, Andrew Pugh at work

    Laura Goudie

    Graduate Analyst, Laura Goudie at work

    Miriam Hall

    Research Associate Postharvest Science, Miriam Hall at work
  • Diana Macpherson

    Marine Biology Technician/Assistant Collections Manager, Diana Macpherson at work

    Lara Brian

    Research Associate, Lara Brian at work

    Andrea Bubendorfer

    Senior Research Scientist, Andrea Bubendorfer at work

    Roy Yang

    Software Engineer, Roy Yang at work
  • Sarah Jackman

    Science Technician, Sarah Jackman at work

    Nathan Holmberg

    Lead Architect, Nathan Holmberg at work

    Katie Jones

    Remote Sensing & 3D Geology Technician, Katie Jones at work

    Dale Harris

    GIS Analyst, Dale Harris at work
  • Petra Pearce

    Climate Scientist, Petra Pearce at work

    Matt Harris

    Geophysicist, Matt Harris at work

    Nicola Johnson

    Biomedical Scientist, Nicola Johnson at work

    Matthew Smart

    e-Research and e-Learning Consultant, Matthew Smart at work
  • Sophie Milloy

    Geoscientist, Sophie Milloy at work

    Aaron Bryant

    Statistician, Aaron Bryant at work

    Delia Strong

    Geology Technician, Delia Strong at work

    Jamie Bridson

    Scientist, Jamie Bridson at work
  • Peter Williams

    Environmental Specialist, Peter Williams at work

    Erin Petuha

    Consents Officer, Erin Petuha at work

    Alice McNatty

    Biosecurity Officer, Alice McNatty at work

    Stacey Lockie

    Environmental Field Technician, Stacey Lockie at work
  • Serena Smalley

    Product Development Chemist, Serena Smalley at work

    Dirk Wallace

    Soil Scientist, Dirk Wallace at work

    Tracey Feary

    Food Scientist, Tracey Feary at work

    Colm Carraher

    Research Associate, Colm Carraher at work
  • Leah Tooman

    Laboratory Technician, Leah Tooman at work

    Sarah Addison

    Microbiologist, Sarah Addison at work

    Alex McCoy-West

    Geothermal Geologist, Alex McCoy-West at work

    Robert Harrison

    Statistician, Robert Harrison at work
  • Erina Hingston

    Research Assistant, Erina Hingston at work

    Eva Harris

    Resource Management Officer, Eva Harris at work

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