Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) is a three-year, Level 7 degree with a strong emphasis on hands-on engineering.

BEngTech graduates work in a wide range of roles in industries from construction to air traffic navigation, high tech electronics and telecommunications. They often work in teams alongside Bachelor of Engineering-qualified engineers, NZDE-qualified technicians, and surveyors, environmental scientists and IT professionals.

The advantages of the BEngTech include:

  • Getting into the workforce faster and with less debt.
  • Smaller class sizes with more support.
  • More hands-on learning.
  • Practical skills valued by industry.

The BEngTech has been accredited to international standards (Sydney Accord), so your qualification will be recognised overseas.

The BEngTech degree is offered by:

  • Many polytechnics and institutes of technology
  • AUT University of Technology

The main specialisations include:

  • Civil Engineering, including Roading & Transportation, Structural, Water & Waste strands
  • Mechanical Engineering, including Product Design, Manufacturing & Production, Mechatronics strands
  • Electrical and/or Electronic Engineering
  • Network & Communications or Computer & Mobile Systems Engineering

Generally the BEngTech entry requirements are:

  • 42 to 60 credits at NCEA Level 3, including at least 14 credits in each of Physics and Calculus/Algebra.
  • Technology subjects are strongly recommended.
  • A bridging course may allow you to catch up if you don’t have the necessary credits in Maths and Physics.
  • Starting with a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering and cross-crediting – you could complete both qualifications in seven or eight semesters.

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People who have a
Bachelor of Engineering Technology

  • Simon Bradshaw

    Civil Engineer, Simon Bradshaw at work

    Martin Pratchett

    Structural Designer, Martin Pratchett at work

    Andrew Long

    Graduate Engineer, Andrew Long at work

    Brendon Clarke

    Senior Electrical Engineer, Brendon Clarke at work
  • Avi Estrin

    Graduate Engineer - Land Development, Avi Estrin at work

    Amy O'Donnell

    Site Engineer, Amy O'Donnell at work

    Danny Singh

    Asset Maintenance Engineer , Danny Singh at work

    Nathan Strawbridge

    2.	Intermediate Engineer – Signals & Telecommunications, Nathan Strawbridge at work
  • Poini Palu

     Geotechnical Engineer, Poini Palu at work

    Ashley Baxter

    Air Traffic Technician, Ashley Baxter at work

    Mike Davies

    Junior Engineer, Mike Davies at work

    Zachary Mackintosh

    Trainee Technical Coordinator, Zachary Mackintosh at work
  • Antony Smith

    Automation Engineer, Antony Smith at work

    Joshua Housiaux

    Project Engineer, Joshua Housiaux at work

    Elikena Prescott

    , Elikena Prescott at work

    Michael Down

    Electronics Engineer, Michael Down at work
  • Glenn Stephen

    Mechanical Engineer, Glenn Stephen at work

    Levi Martin

    Electrical Engineer, Levi Martin at work

    Imraan Mohammed

    Contract Manager, Imraan Mohammed at work

    Jas Singh

    Transportation Engineer, Jas Singh at work
  • Jenny Elder

    , Jenny Elder at work

    Greg Richardson

    Engineer, Greg Richardson at work

    Dominic Lauten

    Mechanical Engineer, Dominic Lauten at work

    Anita Jackson

    Structural Engineer, Anita Jackson at work
  • Anneliese Sabrowski

    Network Engineer, Anneliese Sabrowski at work

    Josh Bell

    Telecommunications Engineer, Josh Bell at work

    Nick Rodger

    Civil Engineer, Nick Rodger at work

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