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  • Vic Chiang

    Research Doctoral Candidate , Vic Chiang at work

    Natalie Howes

    PhD Student/Research Assistant, Natalie Howes at work

    Abigayl Ayo

    Food Technologist, Abigayl Ayo at work

    Esraa El Shall

    Research and Development Technologist, Esraa El  Shall at work
  • Jacqueline MacCallum

    Laboratory Technician, Jacqueline MacCallum at work

    Hayden Pohio

    Founder, Hayden Pohio at work

    Alex Walton

    Senior Product Development Technologist , Alex Walton at work

    Dudley Haines

    Food Technologist , Dudley Haines at work
  • Christina Ferrick

    , Christina  Ferrick at work

    Neala Ye

    Technical Support Technologist - FBI Contractor, Neala Ye at work

    Wendy Wong

    Quality Assurance Technical Support, Wendy Wong at work

    Troy Brownlie

    New Product Development Technologist, Troy Brownlie at work
  • Mitchel Woodhouse

    Operations Graduate, Mitchel Woodhouse at work

    Janine Taylor

    Junior Food Technologist, Janine Taylor at work

    Victoria Burcusel

    Laboratory Supervisor, Victoria Burcusel at work

    Pamella Ariestia

    Product Development Technologist, Pamella Ariestia at work
  • Richard Muir

    Mechanical Project Eng, Richard Muir at work

    Marcel Jekel

    , Marcel Jekel at work

    Manfred Chun

    Product Development Technologist, Manfred Chun at work

    Amie Duan

    Product Evaluator, Amie Duan at work
  • Winnita Joshua

    Quality Assurance, Winnita Joshua at work

    Ian Laing

    Technologist, Ian Laing at work

    Justin Wilson

    Compliance Officer, Justin Wilson at work

    Steffen Friedrich

    Food Technologist, Steffen Friedrich at work
  • Myrtle Videna

    Quality Assurance Officer, Myrtle Videna at work

    Peggy Yang

    Quality Assurance Officer, Peggy Yang at work

    Rebecca McLeod

    Food Forensics Scientist, Rebecca McLeod at work

    Chelsea Whitburn

    Quality Assurance, Chelsea Whitburn at work
  • Jay Tombleson

    Product Development Technologist, Jay Tombleson  at work

    Alana Dale

    Line Manager, Alana Dale at work

    Anna Radich

    R&D Technologist, Anna Radich at work

    Caitlin Ide

    Development Technologist, Caitlin Ide at work
  • Sarah Matheson

    Product Development Manager, Sarah Matheson at work

    Pui Yee Lee

    Food Science PhD student, Pui Yee Lee at work

    Owen Clements

    Product Evaluator, Owen Clements at work

    Sze Ying Leong

    Food Science PhD student, Sze Ying Leong at work
  • Tanya Reid

    Technical Director, Tanya Reid at work

    Alice Crawford

    R&D Technologist, Alice Crawford at work

    Toby Gundesen

    Confectionery Process Specialist, Toby Gundesen at work

    Gemma Wynne-Lewis

    Product Development Technologist, Gemma Wynne-Lewis at work

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Process Technologist

Process Technologist

Natalie Hamilton, Fonterra

Earning: $60-70,000
In a nutshell: Providing technical support and trouble-shooting the plant machinery at Fonterra’s Waitoa dairy processing factory.
Why? “I get to interact with a wide range of people ranging from operators to managers.”

Pathway Matua Primary School, Otumoetai Intermediate
Otumoetai College, Year 13: Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Economics, English
University of Canterbury: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), majoring in Chemical & Process Engineering
Massey University: Master of Dairy Science & Technology

“Every day I use science to understand the principles of the factory is working, and that helps me figure out how I can make improvements or solve problems.”

Natalie Hamilton is a process technologist at Fonterra’s Waitoa site, where she helps keep the factory running smoothly and effectively, as well as working on projects to improve processes and products.

Apart from checking email and a daily site meeting, Natalie doesn’t think she really has a typical day. She often visits the plant to see if there are any issues on the production line. “One of the things I like best about my job is that I get to interact with a wide range of people ranging from operators to managers,” she says.

“Technical roles allow you to be creative with your thinking to solve problems,” she says. “They’re usually issues that the people running the plant machinery have not been able to solve, so it often requires some ‘out of the box’ thinking to find solutions.”

She thinks that to be a good process technologist you need to enjoy problem solving, have a patient nature, and have good communication skills. “I’ve learnt that it’s very important that the team you work with understands why you are trying to do things,” she says. “They are more likely to be engaged and helpful if they understand the end goal.”

Her technical role means that she has come to know the dairy processing plant well and understand its day to day issues, but she also gets a good overview of what’s happening in other parts of the business.

“Working in the biggest company in NZ means that you have the opportunity to try lots of different fields; sales, process management, technical and project management,” she says. “And working for a widely regarded company makes you very employable.”

Posted December 2011

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