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  • Jacinda Harries

    Transportation Consultant, Jacinda Harries at work

    Dale Harris

    GIS Analyst, Dale Harris at work

    Te Iwa Fisher

    Civil Engineer, Te Iwa Fisher at work

    Michael Kemsley

    Transportation Projects Engineer, Michael Kemsley at work
  • Aaron Washington

    Transportation Engineer, Aaron Washington at work

    Guan-Chuan Tay

    , Guan-Chuan Tay at work

    Nic Grgec

    Transportation Engineer, Nic Grgec at work

    Cara Lauder

    Contract Manager, Cara Lauder at work
  • Cedric Ropati

    Road Maintenance Engineer, Cedric Ropati at work

    Laura Bates

    GIS Analyst, Laura Bates at work

    Nick Etherton

    Transportation Engineer, Nick Etherton at work

    Jas Singh

    Transportation Engineer, Jas Singh at work
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    Dan Beesley

    Project Manager, Dan Beesley at work

    Ruby Mak

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    Simon Prosee

    Transportation Engineer, Simon Prosee at work
  • Mansee Latawa

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    Kuany Sang

    Transportation Engineer, Kuany Sang at work

    Jeff Carter

    Company Director , Jeff Carter at work

    Natalia Palamo

    Civil Engineer, Natalia Palamo at work
  • Brian Yip

    Traffic Engineer, Brian Yip at work

    Jenson Varghese

    Transportation Engineer, Jenson Varghese at work

    Richard Greatrex

    Civil engineer, Richard Greatrex at work

    Matthew Yu

    Engineer, Matthew Yu at work
  • Ellery Marsh

    Site Engineer, Ellery Marsh at work

    Justin Johnson

    Construction Engineer, Justin Johnson at work

    Saiful Islam

    Project Manager, Saiful Islam at work

    Ameer Bahho

    Network Engineer, Ameer Bahho at work
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    Martin Peat

    Transportation Engineer, Martin Peat at work

    Shaun Kay

    Traffic Engineer, Shaun Kay at work

    Peter Rose

    Transportation Engineer, Peter Rose at work
  • Courtney Groundwater

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    Kipi Wallbridge-Paea

    Traffic Systems Engineer, Kipi Wallbridge-Paea at work

    Randulah Abeysekera

    Transportation Engineer, Randulah Abeysekera at work

    Anneliese Sabrowski

    Network Engineer, Anneliese Sabrowski at work
  • Veronica Maka

    Traffic Signals Engineer, Veronica Maka at work

    Andrew Metge

    Traffic Engineer, Andrew Metge at work

    Ashley Gray

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    Humam Jasim

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Matthew Yu, NZTA

Earning: Approx $50,000
In a nutshell: Working in different engineering teams as part of NZTA’s four year Graduate Development Programme.
Why? “I can help make the road network more efficient and safer for people to use.”

Pathway Rosmini College, Year 13: Calculus, Statistics, Music, Physics, English
University of Auckland: Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering

When he left college, Matthew Yu was offered places in music, law and engineering degrees. His father, a quantity surveyor, was in favour of a construction-related career and his music teacher also encouraged him to choose engineering “and leave music as a hobby.”

Matthew had water resources related summer jobs but was most interested in transportation engineering, so his final year papers included both water and transport topics. He’s now a graduate engineer at the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), where he rotates between different roles as part of their four year training programme.

“It’s great,” he says. “I have the opportunity to gain work experience in many different organisations in the field of transport engineering.”

Matthew is currently working on the Victoria Park Tunnel. “It’s by far the most exciting project that I’ve ever been involved with,” he says. “The Victoria Park Tunnel is a very big project involving many fields of engineering including transport, structural, water, mechanical, electrical and environmental.”

He has a site engineer role on the project, which involves checking details and liaising with work teams, surveyors and the other site engineers. He inspects before concrete is poured to make sure reinforcement details are correct, and develops solutions for engineering details such as steel reinforcement details for non-stress-bearing locations.

Part of Matthew’s job is to keep tabs on the costs of the work and work with the Quality Team when things haven’t been constructed according to the drawings. He also gives briefing talks and coordinates with the other site engineers to make sure they use resources efficiently, for example sharing concrete pumps.

Matthew says, “Working in a client organisation like the NZTA gives me a chance to provide useful inputs into projects, so that I can help contribute to making the road network more efficient and work towards safer journeys.”

Posted August 2011

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