Civil Engineering

  • Structural Engineer

    Max Haberkorn

    Structural Engineer, Max Haberkorn at work

    Site Engineer

    Lucy Molina

    Site Engineer, Lucy Molina at work

    Transportation Engineer

    Alexandrine Campbell

    Transportation Engineer, Alexandrine Campbell at work

    Structural Engineer

    Alex Vink

    Structural Engineer, Alex Vink at work
  • Site Engineer

    Sifa Pole

    Site Engineer, Sifa Pole at work

    Water/Infrastructure Engineer

    Natalie Veale

    Water/Infrastructure Engineer, Natalie Veale at work

    Transportation Engineer

    Grace Ryan

    Transportation Engineer, Grace Ryan at work

    Geotechnical Engineer

    Hugh MacMurray

    Geotechnical Engineer, Hugh MacMurray at work
  • civil engineering technician

    Grant Taylor

    civil engineering technician, Grant Taylor at work

    Civil Engineer

    Erin Payne

    Civil Engineer, Erin Payne at work

    Transportation Engineer

    Michael Kemsley

    Transportation Engineer, Michael Kemsley at work

    Civil Engineer

    James Thorne

    Civil Engineer, James Thorne at work
  • Civil Engineer

    Jason Chen

    Civil Engineer, Jason Chen at work

    Engineering Cadet

    Brendon Thomson

    Engineering Cadet, Brendon Thomson at work

    Structural Engineer

    Maria Leon

    Structural Engineer, Maria Leon at work

    Civil Engineer

    Joshua Housiaux

    Civil Engineer, Joshua Housiaux at work
  • Civil Engineer

    Balaji Karnan

    Civil Engineer, Balaji Karnan at work

    Site Engineer

    Jordan King

    Site Engineer, Jordan King at work

    Engineering Technician

    Andrew Stone

    Engineering Technician, Andrew Stone at work

    Structural Engineer

    Michael Higham

    Structural Engineer, Michael Higham at work
  • Structural Engineer

    Michael Wheaton

    Structural Engineer, Michael Wheaton at work

    Civil Engineer

    Guan-Chuan Tay

    Civil Engineer, Guan-Chuan Tay at work

    Civil Engineer

    Jeanette White

    Civil Engineer, Jeanette White at work

    Civil Engineer

    Ming Yun Chan

    Civil Engineer, Ming Yun Chan at work
  • Contract Manager

    Cara Lauder

    Contract Manager, Cara Lauder at work

    Site Engineer

    Daniel Bang

    Site Engineer, Daniel Bang at work

    Quality Manager

    Kimberly Jupp

    Quality Manager, Kimberly Jupp at work

    Road Maintenance Engineer

    Cedric Ropati

    Road Maintenance Engineer, Cedric Ropati at work
  • Civil Engineer

    Osama Abdullatif

    Civil Engineer, Osama Abdullatif  at work

    Resurfacing Manager

    Kacha Vuletich

    Resurfacing Manager, Kacha Vuletich at work

    Structural Engineer

    Paul Jarvie

    Structural Engineer, Paul Jarvie at work


    Ross Kaufusi

    Engineer, Ross Kaufusi at work
  • Site Engineer

    Jayden Mellsop

    Site Engineer, Jayden Mellsop at work

    Geotechnical Engineer

    James Russell

    Geotechnical Engineer, James Russell at work

    Civil Engineer

    Kyle Rolland

    Civil Engineer, Kyle Rolland at work

    Civil Engineer

    Jess Taylor

    Civil Engineer, Jess Taylor at work
  • Contract Manager

    Imraan Mohammed

    Contract  Manager, Imraan Mohammed at work

    Quality Manager

    Kathryn Jackson

    Quality Manager, Kathryn Jackson at work

    Civil Engineer

    Azeem Zafarullah

    Civil Engineer, Azeem Zafarullah at work

    Civil Engineer

    Matthew Glover

    Civil Engineer, Matthew Glover at work

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Civil engineer

Civil engineer

Richard Greatrex, SKM

Earning: $45-55,000
In a nutshell: Designing roads and all of the other bits and pieces that go with a road.
Why? “I like seeing people build something that I’ve designed.”

Pathway Avondale College, Year 12/13: Physics, Chemistry, English, History, Calculus, Geography, Economics
University of Auckland: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), majoring in Civil Engineering

“I had a short-list of possible careers – including the Armed Forces, the Police or being a lawyer –  that played to my strengths, but in the end it came down to lifestyle and engineering offered the best option,” says Richard.

He decided early on to study civil engineering rather than any of the other disciplines, and takes great satisfaction from seeing people build and use roads that he’s designed. “Recently I worked on a new motorway onramp configuration and drove down that same motorway two weeks later and it was all built. New signs were in place, the road had been resurfaced and marked, and all the traffic was flowing seamlessly – I barely noticed that I was driving through the area of the road that I had just sent out the drawings for. It had gone from lines on paper to asphalt, tarmac and metal.”

Another project he’s worked on recently was the newest stretch of State Highway 1 near Taupo. Building the 16km of high speed expressway was a really big project – four bridges, huge volumes of earth to be excavated, hundreds of signs, and many thousand metres of road markings. “This new bit of road takes 12 minutes off the travel time from Auckland to Wellington when there’s no congestion, and during the holidays it can cut an hour off people’s journey,” he says. “12 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but to a freight company whose business relies on using the roads, all those minutes add up to be pretty significant.”

There are lots of options for what Richard does next – going down a technical route, moving into a management role or getting into commercial strategy work. “Working out where roads are needed requires strategic thinking, the delivery of the road requires the project management skills and working out the details requires technical knowledge,” he says. “So I could really take any one of those three paths, and I haven’t decided which one yet.”

Posted October 2011