People who work in Civil Engineering

  • Seth Waldrom

    Site Engineer, Seth Waldrom at work

    Max Haberkorn

    Structural Engineer, Max Haberkorn at work

    Lucy Molina

    Site Engineer, Lucy Molina at work

    Alexandrine Campbell

    Transportation Engineer, Alexandrine Campbell at work
  • Alex Vink

    , Alex Vink at work

    Sifa Pole

    Site Engineer, Sifa Pole at work

    Samantha Schubert

    Civil Engineer, Samantha Schubert at work

    Natalie Veale

    Water/Infrastructure Engineer, Natalie Veale at work
  • Darshan Pradhan

    Geotechnical Design Technician, Darshan Pradhan at work

    Grace Ryan

    Transport Engineer, Grace Ryan at work

    Hugh MacMurray

    Geotechnical Engineer, Hugh MacMurray at work

    Grant Taylor

    Civil Engineering Technician, Grant Taylor at work
  • Erin Payne

    Civil engineer, Erin Payne at work

    Te Iwa Fisher

    Civil Engineer, Te Iwa Fisher at work

    Michael Kemsley

    Transportation Projects Engineer, Michael Kemsley at work

    James Thorne

    Civil/Water Engineer, James Thorne at work
  • Jason Chen

    Civil Engineer, Jason Chen at work

    Brendon Thomson

    Engineering Cadet, Brendon Thomson at work

    Maria Leon

    Structural Engineer, Maria Leon at work

    Joshua Housiaux

    Civil Engineer, Joshua Housiaux at work
  • Balaji Karnan

    Graduate Civil Engineer, Balaji Karnan at work

    William Ching

    Survey Technician, William Ching at work

    Jordan King

    Engineering technician, Jordan King at work

    Andrew Stone

    Engineering technician, Andrew Stone at work
  • Michael Higham

    Structural Engineer, Michael Higham at work

    Michael Wheaton

    Structural Engineer, Michael Wheaton at work

    Guan-Chuan Tay

    , Guan-Chuan Tay at work

    Jeanette White

    Civil Engineer, Jeanette White at work
  • Ming Yun Chan

    Civil Engineer, Ming Yun Chan at work

    Cara Lauder

    Contract Manager, Cara Lauder at work

    Daniel Bang

    Site Engineer, Daniel Bang at work

    Kimberly Jupp

    Quality Manager, Kimberly Jupp at work
  • Cedric Ropati

    Road Maintenance Engineer, Cedric Ropati at work

    Osama Abdullatif

    Civil Engineer, Osama Abdullatif  at work

    Kacha Vuletich

    Resurfacing Manager, Kacha Vuletich at work

    Paul Jarvie

    Structural Engineer, Paul Jarvie at work
  • Ross Kaufusi

    Engineer, Ross Kaufusi at work

    Jayden Mellsop

    Site Engineer, Jayden Mellsop at work

    James Russell

    Geotechnical Engineer, James Russell at work

    Kyle Rolland

    Civil Engineer, Kyle Rolland at work

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Site engineer

Site engineer

Harry Brownlee, Fletcher Construction

Earning: $50-60,000
In a nutshell: Assisting the Project Engineer to deliver large infrastructure projects (costing more than $1M) safely, efficiently and to specification.
Why? “I like the variety – every day I am faced with a new set of challenges.”

Pathway Rosmini College, Year 13: Statistics, Calculus, Physics, English, Geography, Economics
University of Auckland: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), majoring in Civil Engineering

Harry originally started a surveying degree but then he was drawn to the variety of opportunities that available in engineering. “My parents were my greatest influence,” he says. “They gave me the confidence to change from surveying to engineering when I thought I wasn’t ‘brainy’ enough.”

“Summer work is a vital part of the engineering degree as it helps you in the transition from university to the real world,” he says. Harry’s first job was as a student engineer at Fulton Hogan working on a road re-surfacing contract. The next summer he was an intern at Fletcher Construction where he got his first taste of a large engineering project and decided that it was definitely the job for him. Fletcher’s gave him a scholarship to help with his studies and offered him a position as a site engineer on the Victoria Park Tunnel Project when he graduated.

The things Harry likes best about his job are the variety of what he does everyday and moving from project to project. He has worked on Project Hobson, which was a sewerage pumping station 40 metres under the ground and is now working on a major road tunnel under Victoria Park. “It’s a really exciting project due to the sheer size of the tunnel and the fact that we are constructing it right in the heart of Auckland while keeping the motorway network open,” he says. “And having up to 500 people on site each day means that there is never a dull moment.”

“Maths, science and technology are bread and butter subjects for site engineers,” he says. He regularly uses the basic principles and problem-solving skills from his school days and says that there is a lot of science in engineering. “Few people are aware of the complex chemical reactions which need to occur in concrete in order for it to be strong enough for the massive tunnels and bridges that we build.”

“To the surprise of many people, construction is actually a very creative industry,” he says. “We face challenges that have never been encountered before, and are regularly required to come up with clever ways of temporarily supporting a structure during construction to keep everyone on the site safe.”

Posted October 2011