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  • Seth Waldrom

    Site Engineer, Seth Waldrom at work

    Max Haberkorn

    Structural Engineer, Max Haberkorn at work

    Lucy Molina

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    Alexandrine Campbell

    Transportation Engineer, Alexandrine Campbell at work
  • Alex Vink

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    Sifa Pole

    Site Engineer, Sifa Pole at work

    Samantha Schubert

    Civil Engineer, Samantha Schubert at work

    Natalie Veale

    Water/Infrastructure Engineer, Natalie Veale at work
  • Darshan Pradhan

    Geotechnical Design Technician, Darshan Pradhan at work

    Grace Ryan

    Transport Engineer, Grace Ryan at work

    Hugh MacMurray

    Geotechnical Engineer, Hugh MacMurray at work

    Grant Taylor

    Civil Engineering Technician, Grant Taylor at work
  • Erin Payne

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    Te Iwa Fisher

    Civil Engineer, Te Iwa Fisher at work

    Michael Kemsley

    Transportation Projects Engineer, Michael Kemsley at work

    James Thorne

    Civil/Water Engineer, James Thorne at work
  • Jason Chen

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    Brendon Thomson

    Engineering Cadet, Brendon Thomson at work

    Maria Leon

    Structural Engineer, Maria Leon at work

    Joshua Housiaux

    Civil Engineer, Joshua Housiaux at work
  • Balaji Karnan

    Graduate Civil Engineer, Balaji Karnan at work

    William Ching

    Survey Technician, William Ching at work

    Jordan King

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    Andrew Stone

    Engineering technician, Andrew Stone at work
  • Michael Higham

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    Michael Wheaton

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    Guan-Chuan Tay

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    Jeanette White

    Civil Engineer, Jeanette White at work
  • Ming Yun Chan

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    Cara Lauder

    Contract Manager, Cara Lauder at work

    Daniel Bang

    Site Engineer, Daniel Bang at work

    Kimberly Jupp

    Quality Manager, Kimberly Jupp at work
  • Cedric Ropati

    Road Maintenance Engineer, Cedric Ropati at work

    Osama Abdullatif

    Civil Engineer, Osama Abdullatif  at work

    Kacha Vuletich

    Resurfacing Manager, Kacha Vuletich at work

    Paul Jarvie

    Structural Engineer, Paul Jarvie at work
  • Ross Kaufusi

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    Jayden Mellsop

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    James Russell

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    Kyle Rolland

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Angela Wang, Downer EDI

Earning: $40-80,000
In a nutshell: Providing technical support for infrastructure development.
Why? “The best part is seeing things built based on your personal input.”

Pathway Waitakere College, Year 13: Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, Art Design, Classics
University of Auckland: Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering

Well before her career began, Angela Wang decided to keep as many options open as possible. “I remember in Year 11 picking the subjects I would take in the next couple of years to prepare for any tertiary education I might want to get,” she says.  “I knew I wanted to do engineering, but I didn’t decide at that point which field of engineering I wanted to do.”

Now Angela is a graduate engineer working in the engineering technical support team at Downer NZ. She provides technical support in the form of designs  for tenders or ongoing  projects.

Her role often spans multiple stages of a given project.  “In a tender, one section is methodologies for how you are going to do the work,” she explains.  “You want to explain it from a technical point of view so the review team can look at it and understand exactly what they will be doing. Later, if a project requires expertise in a particular area like pavement or structures, we step in and help them with any designs they might need.”

One of her most exciting projects was the Northern Gateway toll road. “It was an alliance between two contracting companies, a number of consultants and the NZ Transport Agency – a $360 million+ job.  I personally worked on roading and services team, constructing most of the roadside  ducting for lighting and fibre optics. I was working as a site engineer and was responsible for three subcontracting crews.”

Projects like this one give her the opportunity to take on leadership roles and prove herself to the members of her team. “It’s about how you conduct yourself,” she says.  “If you come across as genuine and wanting to help, then I think that whole barrier of male and female, young and old just goes away after a while.”

Angela has quickly learned to rely on the support of her teammates and learn from their example. She finds that even experienced engineers ask for advice rather than relying solely on their own interpretation, and they’re always picking up new expertise on the job.

“You don’t realise how quickly you can learn until you’re thrown into that situation,” she says.  “This is one of the reasons I like engineering so much.  You are always faced with these challenges and it makes life a bit more exciting.”

Posted December 2011