• Food Technologist

    Hayden Pohio

    Food Technologist, Hayden Pohio at work

    Site Engineer

    Sifa Pole

    Site Engineer, Sifa Pole at work

    Transportation Engineer

    Jacinda Harries

    Transportation Engineer, Jacinda Harries at work

    Food Technologist

    Janine Taylor

    Food Technologist, Janine Taylor at work
  • Electrical Engineer

    Dana Kancherla

    Electrical Engineer, Dana Kancherla at work

    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst

    Dale Harris

    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst, Dale Harris at work

    civil engineering technician

    Grant Taylor

    civil engineering technician, Grant Taylor at work

    Mechanical Engineer

    Katie-Ann Buckels

    Mechanical Engineer, Katie-Ann Buckels at work
  • Chemical & Process Engineer

    Claire Burnett

    Chemical & Process Engineer, Claire Burnett at work

    Structural Engineer

    Maria Leon

    Structural Engineer, Maria Leon at work

    Structural Engineer

    Zoe Brooks

    Structural Engineer, Zoe Brooks at work

    Product Developer

    Pamella Ariestia

    Product Developer, Pamella Ariestia at work
  • Environmental Engineer

    Katie Goode

    Environmental Engineer, Katie Goode at work

    Contract Manager

    Cara Lauder

    Contract Manager, Cara Lauder at work

    Software Developer/Engineer

    Cody Bunea

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    Chemical & Process Engineer

    Nyssa Brewer

    Chemical & Process Engineer, Nyssa Brewer at work
  • Software Developer/Engineer

    Paul Hutton

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    Road Maintenance Engineer

    Cedric Ropati

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    Software Developer/Engineer

    Arthur Roberts

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    Food Technologist

    Steffen Friedrich

    Food Technologist, Steffen Friedrich at work
  • Engineering Geologist

    Ben Roy

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    Analytical Chemist

    Jose Wilson

    Analytical Chemist, Jose Wilson at work

    Electrical Engineer

    Miriam Odlin

    Electrical Engineer, Miriam Odlin at work

    Quality Assurance Officer

    Peggy Yang

    Quality Assurance Officer, Peggy Yang at work
  • PhD Student

    Sara Fraser

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    Geothermal Geophysicist

    Sophie Pearson

    Geothermal Geophysicist, Sophie Pearson at work

    Senior Developer

    Celia Black

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    Research Student

    Bastian Egeter

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  • Line Manager

    Alana Dale

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    Software Engineer

    Austin Boyle

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    Surveyors and Survey Technicians

    Michael Cutfield

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    R&D Technologist

    Anna Radich

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  • Planner

    Alice Ge

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    Aaron Bryant

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    Quality Manager

    Kathryn Jackson

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    Process Engineer

    Nasreen Soloman

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  • Planner

    James Coutts

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    Environmental Engineer

    Michaela Sherratt

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    Jennifer Ryan

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    Jenny Elder

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Consents Officer

Consents Officer

Erin Petuha, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Ngāti Kahungunu

Earning: $49,000 starting salary
In a nutshell: Evaluating resource consent applications for activities that may affect the environment such as taking groundwater for irrigation or carrying out works in streams and rivers.
Why? “I like being able to find a way to allow the use of natural and physical resources while still protecting the people and the environment.”

Pathway William Colenso College, Year 13: English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus, Materials Technology (woodwork)
University of Waikato: Bachelor of Science & Technology; Master of Science, both majoring in Biology

Erin Petuha decided in Year 10 that she wanted to do a job that would help to protect our environment.

“I was lucky enough to grow up in Hawke’s Bay with summers at the beach and swimming in the rivers,” she explains. “I came to love the water, the fish and other critters, and the environment around them.”

Physics and Calculus were two of her favourite subjects at school because they were challenging and she enjoyed learning about why things work the way they do. “What I learnt at high school and during my university studies is useful because it helps me understand the technical information provided by the engineers and scientists that I work with.  English is useful as it helps in report writing, communication, and understanding the law.”

As a Consents Officer, Erin’s job is to evaluate requests from people who want to carry out some kind of activity that affects the environment, people, and resources. Most of the resource consent applications she deals with are to do works in streams and rivers or to take and use groundwater to irrigate crops.

“When I receive an application for resource consent, I consider the impact that will have on the environment and what can be done to avoid, mitigate or remedy any adverse effects. For example, for works in waterways it is important not to block the passage of fish for too long or contaminate the water.”

For each application, Erin uses engineering and/or science technical information to assess the effects of the activity. She writes a report explaining her evaluation of its environmental impact and the restrictions that need to be applied to the proposed activity in order to protect the environment, now and in the future, then writes a document for the applicant listing those restrictions they must follow.

“I get a lot of satisfaction when people are happy with the outcome of the evaluation and the decision on the resource consent application. It’s about finding a balance between allowing activities to occur while still protecting the environment.”

Another part of her job is answering people’s questions and explaining how the resource management process works. “Often people don’t understand a lot about resource consents and can be quite concerned. It’s a great feeling to be able to explain things to people so that they are not so worried and know what they need to do and why.”

She says her job would suit people who want to help protect the environment, like to find practical solutions to challenging issues, and who enjoy working with people.

“And with my qualifications and experience I could work in a number of places in New Zealand and overseas.”

Posted May 2012

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