Mathematical Modeller or Mathematician

Mathematical Modeller or Mathematician

Maths skills are needed for almost every job role listed on this website, but there are also a couple of job roles that are all about maths:

  • Mathematical modellers use maths to make computer simulations so that a number of scenarios can be investigated without any physical experiments taking place. Computer models are particularly important in areas such as setting quotas for fisheries; modelling traffic patterns; and predicting the outcome of chemical reactions.
  • Mathematicians study more than numbers – they do research in a wide range of areas, including logic, set theory, geometry, game theory and probability. Most pure maths research happens in universities, and competition for jobs can be very strong as there are a limited number of lecturer roles.
  • Applied mathematicians use their maths skills to solve problems in science, engineering, business and industry. People with a strong maths background are also in demand in high-tech digital technology fields such as computer animation, where they develop new ways to model textures and reflections based on mathematical formulae.

Pay rates depend on qualifications, experience and the industry:

  • $50-55,000 starting salary for mathematical modellers
  • $60-95,000 for mathematicians with a Master’s degree or PhD working in research

Key tertiary qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science
  • A Master’s degree or PhD may be required for research positions

Recommended and required school subjects:

  • Calculus (required for engineering pathways)
  • Physics (required for engineering pathways)
  • Digital Technologies, especially Programming standards
  • English

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Mathematical Modeller or Mathematician: People who work in this role

  • Cameron Bradley

    Project Transportation Planner, Cameron Bradley at work

    Nina Ives

    Business Performance Consultant, Nina Ives at work

    Jessica Brown

    Planning & Valuation Analyst , Jessica Brown at work

    Ben Warren

    Research Technologist, Ben Warren at work
  • Jenny McLean

    Graduate Engineer, Jenny McLean at work

    Mansee Latawa

    Transportation Modeller, Mansee Latawa at work

    Pen Holland

    Scientist, Pen Holland at work

    Dion O'Neale

    Mathematical Modeller, Dion O'Neale at work
  • Fiona Hely

    Mathematical Modeller, Fiona Hely at work

    Kerin Brockbank

    Geothermal Reservoir Engineer, Kerin Brockbank at work

    Jesse Ashton

    Data Analyst, Jesse Ashton at work

Mathematical Modeller or Mathematician: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • ESR
    Landcare Research
    Landcare Research
    Ministry for Primary Industries
    Ministry for Primary Industries
  • MetService
    Plant & Food Research
    Plant & Food Research
  • Callaghan Innovation
    Callaghan Innovation
    Opus International Consultants
    Opus International Consultants

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