Site/Project Engineer

Site/Project Engineer

Site and project engineers plan and supervise construction projects. They are also involved in organising the delivery of materials and managing human resources, and share responsibility for health and safety on site.

Most site and project engineers work for engineering consultancies and construction companies.

Site engineers are in demand due to an increase in construction and infrastructure projects, including the Christchurch rebuild and major road-building programmes

Site engineers earn:

  • $45-55,000 starting salary 
  • $60-70,000 with two years’ experience

Key tertiary qualifications:

Required and recommended school subjects:

  • Maths, especially Calculus (required for engineering pathways)
  • Physics (required for engineering pathways)
  • Technology
  • Statistics & Modelling
  • English

Careers New Zealand: Civil Engineer
Careers New Zealand: Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson

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Site/Project Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Alex Sutherland

    Contract Engineer, Alex Sutherland at work

    Geddes Ruka

    Site Engineer, Geddes Ruka at work

    Warrick Isaachsen

    Site Engineer, Warrick Isaachsen at work

    Charlotte Welch-Cropp

    Site Engineer, Charlotte Welch-Cropp at work
  • Cameron Lee

    Site Engineer, Cameron Lee at work

    Lance Vazey

    Project Engineer, Lance Vazey at work

    Peter Jenkins

    Lead Project/Mechancial Engineer, Peter Jenkins at work

    Sapoa Rimoni

    Site Engineer, Sapoa Rimoni at work
  • Julia Roberts

    , Julia Roberts at work

    Alison Craigie

    Site Engineer, Alison Craigie at work

    Emma Foulkes

    Site Engineer, Emma Foulkes at work

    Sam Baker

    Civil Engineer, Sam Baker at work
  • Amy O'Donnell

    Site Engineer, Amy O'Donnell at work

    Ryan Page

    Contract Engineer, Ryan Page at work

    Seth Waldrom

    Site Engineer, Seth Waldrom at work

    Lucy Molina

    Site Engineer, Lucy Molina at work
  • Sifa Pole

    Network Engineer, Sifa Pole at work

    Sione Taunaholo

    , Sione Taunaholo at work

    Michael Kemsley

    Transportation Projects Engineer, Michael Kemsley at work

    Joshua Housiaux

    Project Engineer, Joshua Housiaux at work
  • Daniel Bang

    Site Engineer, Daniel Bang at work

    Cedric Ropati

    Road Maintenance Engineer, Cedric Ropati at work

    Kathryn Jackson

    Quality Manager, Kathryn Jackson at work

    Ben Parsonage

    Project Engineer, Ben Parsonage at work
  • Amanda Dennis

    Site Engineer, Amanda Dennis at work

    Jamie Campbell

    Site engineer, Jamie Campbell at work

    Dan Phillips

    Project Engineer, Dan Phillips at work

    Justin Johnson

    Construction Engineer, Justin Johnson at work
  • Michael Tokoma

    Project Engineer, Michael Tokoma at work

    Kelly Sutherland

    Work Group Manager - Structures, Kelly Sutherland at work

    Ramy Mekhael

    Project Engineer, Ramy Mekhael at work

    Cole Meiring

    Civil Engineer, Cole Meiring at work

Site/Project Engineer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    McConnell Dowell
    McConnell Dowell
    Shell Taranaki Limited
    Shell Taranaki Limited
  • Tiaki Engineering Consultants
    Tiaki Engineering Consultants
    HEB Construction
    HEB Construction
    Tonkin & Taylor
    Tonkin & Taylor
  • Higgins Contractors
    Higgins Contractors
    Haden & Custance Ltd
    Haden & Custance Ltd
  • Fulton Hogan
    Fulton Hogan
    Harrison Grierson
    Harrison Grierson
  • GHD
    Opus International Consultants
    Opus International Consultants
  • URS New Zealand
    URS New Zealand

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