Chemical & Process Engineer

Chemical & Process Engineer

Chemical and process engineers design, develop and operate the processes and equipment used to change raw materials into valuable products such as petrol, paper, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, food, plastics, synthetic fibres and paint.

Process engineers are responsible for ensuring that factories are able to run at the highest level of efficiency while producing as little waste or pollution as possible. Outside the manufacturing industry, chemical & process engineers may work in environmental, water and waste engineering.

If you are interested in the application of new technologies, developing new products or materials, and solving problems to make processes more efficient, then chemical & process engineering is a great career choice.

Chemical engineers are in demand in the manufacturing and processing sector, particularly in expanding industries such as dairy processing, food manufacturing and oil refining. Others work for city or district councils (particularly in water and waste treatment) or for research institutions.

Chemical & process engineers earn:

  • $45-60,000 starting salary for graduates
  • $65-75,000 with two years’ experience

Key tertiary qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Chemical & Process, Chemical & Bioprocess, Chemical & Biological, or Materials & Process Engineering
  • Bachelor of Food Technology in Food Process Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology in Materials and Processing (for work as a process technologist)

Required and recommended school subjects:

  • Chemistry (required for engineering pathways)
  • Calculus (required for engineering pathways)
  • Physics (required for engineering pathways)
  • English

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Chemical & Process Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Toby Martin

    Graudate Chemical Engineer, Toby Martin at work

    Olivia Williams

    Production Engineer, Olivia Williams at work

    Gabrielle Bamford

    Kapuni Process Engineer, Gabrielle Bamford at work

    Kellie Hobbs

    Well Engineer, Kellie Hobbs at work
  • Brooke Clark

    Process Technologist, Brooke Clark at work

    Chris Horan

    Graduate Process Engineer, Chris Horan at work

    Viola Hoepfinger

    Process Engineer, Viola Hoepfinger at work

    Ian Riddick

    Student Engineer, Ian Riddick at work
  • Sarah Holmes

    Process Engineer, Sarah Holmes at work

    Nicole Hsu

    Graduate Process Technologist, Nicole Hsu at work

    Owen Miller

    Chemical Engineer, Owen Miller at work

    Peter Dyer

    Senior Research Engineer, Peter Dyer at work
  • Ally Kilanski

    Graduate Technologist , Ally Kilanski at work

    Matthew Fox

    Product Safety & Compliance Supervisor, Matthew Fox at work

    Isabella Howie

    Process Engineer, Isabella Howie at work

    Harmandeep Sandhu

    Process Engineer, Harmandeep Sandhu at work
  • Israel Machado-Macdonald

    Process Engineer, Israel Machado-Macdonald at work

    Claire Burnett

    Chemical Engineer, Claire Burnett at work

    Shiraz Khashim

    Process Engineer, Shiraz Khashim at work

    Kelly Holden

    Graduate process engineer, Kelly Holden at work
  • Jimmy Hunter

    Chemical Engineer, Jimmy Hunter at work

    Dinah Vaiaoga-Ioasa

    Process Engineer, Dinah Vaiaoga-Ioasa at work

    Marcel Jekel

    , Marcel Jekel at work

    Nyssa Brewer

    Process Engineer, Nyssa Brewer at work
  • Adrian Lysaght

    Process Engineer, Adrian Lysaght at work

    Kevin Yun

    Chemical and Process Engineer, Kevin Yun at work

    Sophie Kennedy

    Process Engineer, Sophie Kennedy at work

    Nasreen Soloman

    Process Engineer, Nasreen Soloman at work
  • Guy Waters

    Bioprocess Engineer, Guy Waters at work

    Scott Russell

    Process Engineer, Scott Russell at work

    Natalie Hamilton

    Process Technologist, Natalie Hamilton at work

    Ross Milne

    Project engineer, Ross Milne at work
  • Ben Foote

    Fleet & Asset Engineer, Ben Foote at work

    Danielle Appleton

    Statistics & Calibration Trainee, Danielle Appleton at work

    Claire Kitson

    Process Engineer, Claire Kitson at work

    Alex Simmonds

    Process Engineer, Alex Simmonds at work
  • Isabel Beattie

    Packaging Technologist , Isabel Beattie at work

    Jenny Chang

    Process Engineer, Jenny Chang at work

    Andrew Torrens

    Process Manager, Andrew Torrens at work

    Daniel Leong

    Engineering Trainee, Daniel Leong at work

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    Shell Todd Oil Services
    Shell Todd Oil Services
    Dairy Goat Cooperative
    Dairy Goat Cooperative
    Silver Fern Farms
    Silver Fern Farms
  • Jacobs
    HEB Construction
    HEB Construction
  • New Zealand Steel
    New Zealand Steel
  • GEA Group
    GEA Group
    Oji Fibre Solutions
    Oji Fibre Solutions
  • Heinz Wattie's
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    Callaghan Innovation
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  • Opus International Consultants
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