Engineering Technician

Engineering Technician

Engineering technicians work on a wide range of projects alongside engineers and engineering technologists.

  • Civil engineering technicians help design, draught plans for and supervise construction of roads, buildings, bridges, and water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Electrical engineering technicians work alongside electrical engineers in industries such as telecommunications, power generation and distribution, construction, electronics and manufacturing. They develop, install, test and maintain equipment that generates, transmits or uses electricity.
  • Mechanical engineering technicians assist with the design, construction and maintenance of machines, tools and systems. They work for a range of employers, including home appliance manufacturers, industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers, power companies and the Defence Forces.

There is strong demand for engineering technicians. New Zealand has very few technicians – approximately one technician for each engineer, compared to four technicians per engineer in many other countries.

  • Civil engineering technicians are needed for the Christchurch rebuild and for major roading projects around the country.
  • Electrical engineering technicians are in demand as the national grid and local networks are upgraded.
  • Qualified and experienced mechanical engineering technicians have a better chance of finding work than school leavers looking for an apprenticeship.

Engineering technicians earn:

  • $40-45,000 graduate starting salary
  • $60-80,000 with more than four years' experience

Key tertiary qualifications include:

  • New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (NZDE), specialising in Civil, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
  • Once you have an NZDE and a job in the industry, you can work towards a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering Practice (NZDEP) through an industry training organisation (ITO). This qualification recognises the skills and competence you have developed on the job, and can be awarded after two to four years of work-based assessments.

Recommended and required school subjects:

  • Maths (required)
  • Physics (required)
  • Construction & Mechanical Technology, Design & Visual Communication
  • English

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Engineering Technician: People who work in this role

  • Raymond Crawford

    Civil Engineering Cadet, Raymond Crawford at work

    Brylee Thomson

    Civil Engineering Cadet , Brylee Thomson at work

    Nita Mitchell-Goes

    Civil Engineering Cadet , Nita Mitchell-Goes at work

    Joshua Burton

    Civil Engineering Technician, Joshua Burton at work
  • Megan Crossen

    Civil Engineering Technician, Megan Crossen at work

    Tony Coutts

    Engineering Technician, Tony Coutts at work

    Dipal Raniga

    Civil Engineer, Dipal Raniga at work

    Darshan Pradhan

    Geotechnical Design Technician, Darshan Pradhan at work
  • Grant Taylor

    Civil Engineering Technician, Grant Taylor at work

    Te Iwa Fisher

    Civil Engineer, Te Iwa Fisher at work

    Brendon Thomson

    Engineering Cadet, Brendon Thomson at work

    Jordan King

    Engineering technician, Jordan King at work
  • Andrew Stone

    Engineering technician, Andrew Stone at work

    Kacha Vuletich

    Resurfacing Manager, Kacha Vuletich at work

    Sam Riddell

    Civil Engineering Cadet, Sam Riddell at work

    Jesse Merson

    Projects Engineer, Jesse Merson at work
  • Isaac Aitken

    Civil Engineering Cadet, Isaac Aitken at work

    Karlton Karangaroa

    Engineering Cadet, Karlton Karangaroa at work

    Jordan Palleson

    Civil Engineering Technician , Jordan Palleson at work

    Ann-Elise Moon

    Civil Engineering Technician, Ann-Elise Moon at work
  • Kelly Blackie

    Transportation Technician, Kelly Blackie at work

    Amy Patterson-Horner

    Water and Waste Engineer, Amy Patterson-Horner  at work

    David Dickson

    Roading Engineer, David Dickson at work

Engineering Technician: Companies that employ people in this job role

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    McConnell Dowell
    McConnell Dowell
    Certa Engineering
    Certa Engineering
    Airways New Zealand
    Airways New Zealand
  • Shell Todd Oil Services
    Shell Todd Oil Services
  • HEB Construction
    HEB Construction
    Veolia Water
    Veolia Water
    Farra Engineering
    Farra Engineering
  • Unison
    RCR Energy
    RCR Energy
    Fulton Hogan
    Fulton Hogan
    The Surveying Company
    The Surveying Company
  • Stantec
    Davis Ogilvie
    Davis Ogilvie
  • Opus International Consultants
    Opus International Consultants
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