Software Developer/Engineer

Software developers and engineers write, test, develop and maintain complex computer software programs. They may be involved in:

  • Developing software that helps doctors and hospitals to manage data and allocate work to different specialists
  • Writing the code that runs on networking devices such as routers and switches
  • Developing software that produces 3D graphics for sports events
  • Building custom software for business clients
  • Creating mobile applications
  • Writing software for aircraft simulators

Software developers are employed by a variety of different organisations, including:

  • Software, web and app development companies
  • Companies that provide IT solutions for other businesses
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Government departments and agencies

Software developers generally earn:

  • $40-55,000 starting salary 
  • $60-80,000 with three to six years' experience

Key tertiary qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Information Technology

Recommended school subjects:

  • Maths (required for engineering pathways)
  • Physics (required for engineering pathways)
  • Digital Technologies
  • English

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Software Developer/Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Humaa Yaqoob

    Software Developer, Humaa Yaqoob  at work

    Linda Chin

    Developer, Linda Chin at work

    Briar Dods

    Graduate Developer, Briar Dods at work

    Wiremu Winitana

    Graduate Developer, Wiremu Winitana at work
  • Kylie Xie

    Junior Software Engineer, Kylie Xie at work

    Hadi Roudaki

    Gradute Software Engineer, Hadi Roudaki at work

    Miranda Emery

    Software engineer, Miranda Emery at work

    Tarah Carpenter

    Software Developer, Tarah Carpenter at work
  • Reuben Bijl

    Director, Reuben Bijl at work

    Mia Zhao

    Software Engineer, Mia Zhao at work

    Julia Mielnik

    Production Support Engineer, Julia Mielnik at work

    Oddo Zhang

    Software developer, Oddo Zhang at work
  • Jed Bian

    Software (FPGA) Engineer, Jed Bian at work

    Glenn McCord

    Software Developer, Glenn McCord at work

    Nick Sarten

    Software Engineer, Nick Sarten at work

    Chris Conway

    App Developer, Chris Conway at work
  • Carey Bishop

    Senior Software Engineer, Carey Bishop at work

    Bridget Beh

    Software Engineer, Bridget Beh at work

    Seth Reid

    Graduate Developer, Seth Reid at work

    Qi-Wern Lim

    Business Analyst, Qi-Wern Lim at work
  • Sue-Mun Huang

    Associate Implementation Consultant, Sue-Mun Huang at work

    Roy Yang

    Software Engineer, Roy Yang at work

    Nathan Holmberg

    Lead Architect, Nathan Holmberg at work

    Amy Wang

    Software Development Intern, Amy Wang at work
  • Richard Wong

    Software Engineer, Richard Wong at work

    Shaun Narayan

    Software Engineer, Shaun Narayan at work

    Edwin Monk-Fromont

    Software Developer, Edwin Monk-Fromont at work

    Adam Freeman

    Team Leader - Senior Software Engineer, Adam Freeman at work
  • Henry Lane

    President of Business Development, Henry Lane at work

    Young Ly

    Director of Product Development, Young Ly at work

    Amy Palamountain

    Software Developer, Amy Palamountain at work

    Paul Webby

    Technical Product Specialist, Paul Webby at work
  • Scott Bamford

    Graduate Software Engineer, Scott Bamford at work

    Justin McCormack

    Product Manager, Justin McCormack at work

    Jessica Gough

    IT Team Manager, Jessica Gough at work

    Jordan McFarlane

    software developer, Jordan McFarlane at work
  • Tom Mulder

    Programmer/Project Manager, Tom Mulder at work

    Julian Robinson

    Software Developer, Julian Robinson at work

    Muhammad (Mo) Nda

    Software Engineer, Muhammad (Mo) Nda at work

    James Currie

    Software Developer, James Currie at work

Software Developer/Engineer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • NIWA
    Hill Laboratories
    Hill Laboratories
  • Aeroqual
    Silver Fern Farms
    Silver Fern Farms
  • Catalyst
    Dynamic Controls
    Dynamic Controls
    Orion Health
    Orion Health
  • Serato
    AdScale Laboratories
    AdScale Laboratories
    Allied Telesis
    Allied Telesis
  • Navico
    SLI Systems
    SLI Systems
  • Datacom
    Haden & Custance Ltd
    Haden & Custance Ltd
    Fisher & Paykel Appliances
    Fisher & Paykel Appliances
    ABB Limited
    ABB Limited
  • Stantec