Environmental/Urban Planner

Environmental/Urban Planner

Environmental planners – also known as urban/regional planners – work with plans that shape the physical, environmental, social and economic development of both urban and rural areas.

They may work for local or national authorities where they:

  • Develop plans that guide the development of urban areas
  • Process applications for activities that could affect the environment
  • Set conditions on land development, industrial processes and other activities that have an impact on communities and the environment
  • Work on plans for roads, public transport and walking/cycling paths

Other planners work for private consultancy companies, where they help to make sure that proposed development projects will comply with the relevant Urban or District Plan and the Resource Management Act. This may involve writing and presenting reports at resource consent or environmental planning hearings.

Planners typically earn:

  • $45-50,000 starting salary
  • $55-65,000 with two to three years’ experience
  • $75-100,000 with more than six years’ experience

Key tertiary qualifications:

  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Planning, Resource & Environmental Planning, Urban Planning or Environmental Policy
  • Bachelor of Science or Arts in Geography or Environmental Science

Degrees that have been accredited by the New Zealand Planning Institute

Recommended school subjects:

  • English
  • Maths, especially Statistics & Modelling
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

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Environmental/Urban Planner: People who work in this role

  • Melissa Spearman

    Planner, Melissa Spearman at work

    Leon Keefer

    Planner, Leon Keefer at work

    Sarah MacCormick

    Planner, Sarah MacCormick at work

    Wendy Robinson

    , Wendy Robinson at work
  • Jotham Alex

    Planner, Jotham Alex at work

    Alice Ge

    Planner, Alice Ge at work

    James Coutts

    Planner, James Coutts at work

    Rebecca Payne

    Planner, Rebecca Payne at work
  • Erin Petuha

    Consents Officer, Erin Petuha at work

    Sarah Akers

    Environmental Planner, Sarah Akers at work

    Michele Frey

    Environmental Planner, Michele Frey at work

Environmental/Urban Planner: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Western Bay of Plenty District Council
    Western Bay of Plenty District Council
    Bloxam, Burnett & Olliver
    Bloxam, Burnett & Olliver
    Sigma Consultants
    Sigma Consultants
  • 4Sight Consulting
    4Sight Consulting
    Hawke's Bay Regional Council
    Hawke's Bay Regional Council
    Hastings District Council
    Hastings District Council
  • Stantec
    Harrison Grierson
    Harrison Grierson
    Dunedin City Council
    Dunedin City Council
  • Davis Ogilvie
    Davis Ogilvie