Robotics or Automation Engineer

Robotics or Automation Engineer

Automation engineers design, program and improve high-tech computer-controlled equipment for large scale industrial processes such as milk processing and drying, rock crushing and mineral extraction, and processing logs into timber products and wood chips. Their job often involves working with machine operators to solve problems and figure out why machinery isn’t operating as planned.

Robotics engineers design robots, develop new ways to use them, and research how to expand their potential. A robot is a complex form of automated system as it is able to detect outside stimuli and react by changing its own behaviour. New Zealand company Invert Robotics has developed a wall-climbing robot that can do potentially hazardous inspections in the place of a human being.

Most automation and robotics engineers earn:

  • $45-55,000 starting salary
  • $60-80,000 with a few years’ experience

Key tertiary qualifications include:

Required and recommended school subjects:

  • Calculus (required for engineering pathway)
  • Physics (required for engineering pathway)
  • Electronics
  • Digital Technologies
  • Construction & Mechanical Technology
  • English

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Robotics or Automation Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Morgan Wilson

    Project Engineer, Morgan Wilson at work

    Rafat Khan

    Mechanical Engineer, Rafat Khan at work

    Antony Smith

    Automation Engineer, Antony Smith at work

    Henry Williams

    PhD Student, Henry Williams at work
  • Nidal Eltayeb

    Automation Engineer, Nidal Eltayeb at work

    Robert Tang

    Electronics Engineer, Robert Tang at work

    Daniel Bentall

    Design Engineer, Daniel Bentall at work

    Andrew Taylor

    Design Engineer, Andrew Taylor at work
  • Ivan Nyo

    Electrical Engineer, Ivan Nyo at work

    Steve Charles

    Automation Engineer, Steve Charles at work

    Daniel Jones

    Software Engineer, Daniel Jones at work

    Sam (Samrith) Kim

    Automation and Control Engineer, Sam (Samrith) Kim at work

Robotics or Automation Engineer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    GEA Group
    GEA Group
    Haden & Custance Ltd
    Haden & Custance Ltd
    RCR Energy
    RCR Energy

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