Building Services Engineer

Building Services Engineer

Building services engineers design and supervise installation of all the extras that a large building needs, including lighting, heating, air conditioning, lifts, and communications and security systems.

As we become more aware of the environment, demand for ‘green’ buildings is increasing, so building services engineers are increasingly important in designing systems that use less energy but still provide a pleasant place to live, work or play.

There are two main types of building services engineer:

  • Electrical building services engineers design electrical systems for buildings – everything from power points, lighting and automatic doors to communications, audio-visual and security systems
  • Mechanical building services engineers design air conditioning and ventilation systems, plumbing and drainage

Demand for building services engineers is good as they are needed for the Christchurch rebuild.

Building services engineers generally earn:

  • $40-55,000 starting salary
  • $70-100,000 with more than five years’ experience

Key tertiary qualifications:

Required and recommended school subjects:

  • Calculus (required for engineering pathways)
  • Physics (required for engineering pathways)
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics & Modelling
  • English
  • Technology subjects, especially Design & Visual Communication, Construction & Mechanical Technology and Digital Technologies

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Building Services Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Les Poynter

    Electrical engineer, Les Poynter at work

    Jack Wang

    Electrical Engineer, Jack Wang at work

    Mark James

    Mechanical Engineer, Mark James at work

    Alistair Collins

    Mechanical Engineer, Alistair Collins at work
  • Grace Huen

    Mechanical Engineer, Grace Huen at work

    Glenn Stephen

    Mechanical Engineer, Glenn Stephen at work

    Levi Martin

    Electrical Engineer, Levi Martin at work

    Jiawei Chen

    Electrical Engineer, Jiawei Chen at work
  • Daniel West

    Mechanical Engineer, Daniel West at work

    David Haylock

    Mechanical Engineer, David Haylock at work

    Alastair Carr

    Building Services Engineer, Alastair Carr at work

    Jeff Smit

    Project Engineer, Jeff Smit at work

Building Services Engineer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    McConnell Dowell
    McConnell Dowell
  • Stantec
    Harrison Grierson
    Harrison Grierson
  • Beca

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