Computer Systems Engineer

Computer Systems Engineer

Computer systems engineers design complex systems based on computers, for use in a wide range of areas from robotics to avionic systems and multimedia applications. Because they work with both hardware and software, the role of a computer systems engineer is halfway between an electronics engineer and a software engineer/developer.

Computer systems engineers may be involved in:

  • Research and development of products such as telecommunications systems and computer-controlled appliances and healthcare products
  • Developing large computer systems that operate machinery
  • Designing and running navigation, communication and weapons systems for the Defence forces

Computer systems engineers generally earn:

  • $50-55,000 starting salary
  • $60-80,000 with a few years’ experience

Key tertiary qualifications:

Required and recommended school subjects:

  • Calculus (required)
  • Physics (required)
  • English
  • Digital Technologies
  • Electronics

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Computer Systems Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Andrew Liese

    Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer, Andrew Liese at work

    Terry Miller

    Research & Development Engineer, Terry Miller at work

    Greg Sumner

    Software Engineer, Greg Sumner at work

    Leighton Duke

    Senior Systems Engineer, Leighton Duke at work
  • Tom Pryde

    Hardware Engineer, Tom Pryde at work

    Adrian Jongenelen

    Research Scientist, Adrian Jongenelen at work

    Lisa Wong

    Software Engineer, Lisa Wong at work

Computer Systems Engineer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Airways New Zealand
    Airways New Zealand
    Orion Health
    Orion Health
  • Allied Telesis
    Allied Telesis
    SLI Systems
    SLI Systems
    Marshall Day Acoustics
    Marshall Day Acoustics
  • Datacom
    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare