A cadetship is a great pathway to a career in fields such as engineering, surveying, horticulture and even IT.

Cadets complete a diploma, or sometimes a degree, while working in industry. Once cadets have finished their tertiary qualification they are often promoted into higher level full-time positions within the company.

Cadetships are offered by a variety of organisations including engineering and construction companies, local authorities and utility companies.

Every cadetship programme is a bit different, but the advantages can include:

  • being able to start earning straight from school while still getting a tertiary qualification
  • help with course costs - so no big student loan!
  • a chance to see if it's the right career for you
  • flexible working hours, part-time work or work during the holidays
  • opportunities to apply the theory you're learning
  • mentoring from experienced colleagues

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  • Matt Ross

    Technical Specialist, Matt Ross at work

    Sam Green

    Civil Design Engineer, Sam Green at work

    Brylee Thomson

    Civil Engineering Cadet , Brylee Thomson at work

    Nita Mitchell-Goes

    Civil Engineering Cadet , Nita Mitchell-Goes at work
  • Megan Crossen

    Civil Engineer, Megan Crossen at work

    David Chiswell

    Geotechnical Engineer, David Chiswell at work

    Te Iwa Fisher

    Civil Engineer, Te Iwa Fisher at work

    Brendon Thomson

    Engineering Cadet, Brendon Thomson at work
  • Jordan King

    Engineering technician, Jordan King at work

    Kacha Vuletich

    Resurfacing Manager, Kacha Vuletich at work

    Sam Riddell

    Civil Engineering Cadet, Sam Riddell at work

    Jenny Plank

    Area Engineer, Jenny Plank  at work
  • Jesse Merson

    Projects Engineer, Jesse Merson at work

    Karlton Karangaroa

    Engineering Cadet, Karlton Karangaroa at work

    Ann-Elise Moon

    Civil Engineering Technician, Ann-Elise Moon at work

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