Stephanie Rigter

Stephanie Rigter

Accounts Manager, Davis Food Ingredients

In a nutshell: I manage relationships with food manufacturers who purchase the food ingredients that we import. I also work with their research and development, quality, and procurement teams to assist with formulations [recipes], reduce costs and make sure we continue to maintain a high level of quality for all our ingredients.

Why? "I do this job because it is enjoyable, varied and rewarding, and because I'm constantly learning."

Pathway: Ashburton College, final year subjects: Accounting, Chemistry, Food Technology, PE, Statistics
University of Otago: Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours), majoring in Consumer Food Science and Marketing Management

Earning: $40-60,000

Food Technology, Nutrition and PE were my favourite subjects at school. I always had an interest in food - so for me it was a natural progression to study Consumer Food Science and get a job in the food industry.

Each working day is very different. My main role is in the industrial sales team, and involves maintaining contracts with clients as well as processing their orders. I am also involved in research and development work and projects to improve ingredient and/or product quality. We are always sourcing and importing new ingredients and keeping up to date with market trends.

For new product development projects I get a brief from a customer [generally a food manufacturing company] about a new product that they would like to develop. I then come up with a range of different ingredient ideas for them – this requires creativity as well as research to see what the market trends are.

I'm currently working on two of these projects. For one of them I've created two different blends from scratch that might go straight to market. I'm just doing preliminary work on the other project, working on possible new flavour combinations that might be seen as desirable by consumers.

In the future I would like to work or travel overseas for work - there are real opportunities to achieve this goal with Davis, once I've been with the company for a bit longer.

Someone who is confident, has an interest in food, is highly motivated and genuinely wants to see their customers succeed would thrive in a job like mine.

Davis Food Ingredients is a great company to work for as you can progress to roles that suit what you enjoy doing. My main ambition is to manage a team - and one day I hope to go all the way and own my own business.

Posted October 2015

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