Diploma in Science

Diploma in Science

Diplomas in Science, Applied Science or Science and Technology are offered at Level 5 and Level 6 by a number of universities and polytechs. They will take one or two years of full-time study to complete, depending on the tertiary institution and the qualification level, or you may be able to study part-time while working.

You'll learn a mixture of practical laboratory skills and scientific theory, and also a range of other skills such as teamwork, data analysis and communication. Depending on the institution, you may be able to specialise in a particular area such as analytical chemistry, ICT, microbiology or manufacturing.

A new set of national qualifications, New Zealand Certificates and Diplomas in Applied Science, will be offered from 2016 onwards.

You may be able to convert your diploma to a degree by completing an extra year of study.

Where can I work?

Career opportunities for science diploma graduates include laboratory technicians in manufacturing, research & development or quality control/assurance areas.

As sectors such as dairy processing and food manufacturing grow, there will be increased demand for people with practical scientific skills who can monitor production and make sure products meet regulatory standards.

What are the entry requirements?

Entry requirements vary between tertiary institutions, but generally you'll need either:

  • NCEA Level 3 including Science credits (ideally 14 credits in Chemistry and Maths/Physics), or
  • 24-80 NCEA Level 2 credits, including Science, Biology or Chemistry, or
  • A Level 3 or 4 certificate in a science-related area, or
  • Significant work experience in a relevant industry

Options for further study:

  • Bachelor of Science, Applied Science or Technology
  • Bachelor of Agriculture, Horticulture or Wine Science
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science


People who have a
Diploma in Science

  • Matthew Nelson

    Orchard Manager, Matthew Nelson at work

    Frank van Betuw

    Education and Compliance Officer, Frank van Betuw at work

    Grace McNicholl

    Technican, Grace McNicholl at work

    Justin Wilson

    Compliance Officer, Justin Wilson at work
  • Vivian Zheng

    Microbiology Lab Technician , Vivian Zheng at work

    Vonny Marsh

    Quality Assurance Officer, Vonny Marsh at work

    Dayna Williams

    Lead Process Technician, Dayna Williams at work

    Emilie Jacques

    Laboratory Technician, Emilie Jacques at work

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