Postgraduate Diploma in Science

Postgraduate Diploma in Science

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas can be a flexible way to study at a more advanced level once you've completed a Bachelor's degree. Postgraduate certificates usually take one semester of full-time study to complete, whereas postgraduate diplomas generally take a full year.

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas involve study at Level 8 and you’ll generally do some of the same courses as if you were doing an Honours degree, but you won’t need to complete a research project (thesis).

To enrol in a postgraduate certificate or diploma you’ll generally need to have completed a degree with the same major or in a closely related subject – check with your chosen tertiary institution.

Some universities offer specialist postgraduate certificates and diplomas in subjects such as Geographic Information Science and Forensic Science, which might not be offered as a specific major for a Bachelor of Science degree.

Entry requirements vary, but generally you’ll need to have a degree in the same or a closely related subject. For example, a degree in Environment Science could lead to a postgraduate diploma in Water Resource Management.

Options for further study:

If you do well in your advanced-level courses, you may be able to convert your postgraduate diploma into:

  • An Honours degree – add a short (one year) research project
  • A Master of Science degree – add a longer research project


People who have a
Postgraduate Diploma in Science

  • Tania Te Hira-Mathie

    Geospatial Information Analyst , Tania Te Hira-Mathie at work

    Sophia Olo-Whaanga

    Environmental Science Consultant, Sophia Olo-Whaanga  at work

    Matt Price

    Engineering Geologist, Matt Price at work

    Daniel Sutton

    R&D Technical Adviser , Daniel Sutton at work
  • Scott Kvick

    Graduate Engineering Geologist, Scott Kvick at work

    Chrissy Stokes

    Orchard Productivity Manager, Chrissy Stokes at work

    Oliver Broughton

    Power and Energy Scientist, Oliver Broughton at work

    Dale Harris

    GIS Analyst, Dale Harris at work
  • Kimberley Dynes

    Surface Water Quality Analyst, Kimberley Dynes at work

    Donovan Van Kekem

    Air Quality Scientist, Donovan Van Kekem at work

    Mitesh Bhula

    Geospatial Analyst , Mitesh Bhula at work

    Ben Roy

    Engineering Geologist, Ben Roy at work
  • Jacob Williams

    Natural Hazard Analyst, Jacob Williams at work

    Pui Yee Lee

    Food Science PhD student, Pui Yee Lee at work

    Nicola Sullivan

    Entomology Technician, Nicola Sullivan at work

    Matthew Dale

    Scientist, Matthew Dale at work
  • Rachel Melrose

    Lab Technician, Rachel Melrose at work

    Emma Comrie-Thomson

    Senior Environmental Consultant, Emma Comrie-Thomson at work

    Heather Enright

    Engineering Geologist, Heather Enright at work

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