Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Doing an Honours year after you’ve completed a Bachelor's degree is a way to extend your understanding of your major subject and also find out whether you enjoy doing scientific research. Completing an Honours degree to an approved standard is necessary preparation for further postgraduate study, such as a doctorate (PhD).

A Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree generally involves an extra year of more challenging (Level 8) courses, and a short thesis summarising an independent research project. This ‘3 + 1’ format is different to four-year Level 8 degrees such as the Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Food Technology, which may be awarded with Honours.

Entry to Honours programmes is generally restricted to students with a good average grade in their last year of a Bachelor’s degree – check with your chosen tertiary institution.

Completing an Honours project under the supervision of an experienced scientist will provide you with skills in research methods and critical thinking, and understanding of the research process.

An Honours degree will generally qualify you for work as a research associate or senior technician in most research fields, although competition can be strong in popular areas such as Biological Sciences and Ecology.

Options for further study:

Honours degrees are awarded with different levels of achievement, generally referred to as first, second and third class honours. Second class honours are further divided into two divisions, referred to as ‘2:1’ and ‘2:2’.

If you enjoyed the research component of your Honours degree and achieved a good grade, you might consider doing a PhD – a further three to five years of research.

People who have a
Bachelor of Science (Honours)

  • Joshua Tansey

    Harvest Operations Coordinator , Joshua Tansey at work

    Laurine van Haastrecht

    PhD Candidate, Laurine van Haastrecht at work

    Christina Fehlmann

    Senior Research Scientist, Christina Fehlmann at work

    Charlotte Gray

    Sire Analyst, Charlotte Gray at work
  • Jessica Brown

    Planning & Valuation Analyst , Jessica Brown at work

    Miranda Emery

    Software engineer, Miranda Emery at work

    Georgina Richards

    Engineering Geologist, Georgina Richards at work

    Glenn McCord

    Software Developer, Glenn McCord at work
  • Shaun Narayan

    Software Engineer, Shaun Narayan at work

    Christina Ferrick

    Senior Technical Officer , Christina  Ferrick at work

    Troy Brownlie

    New Product Development Technologist, Troy Brownlie at work

    Myrtle Videna

    Quality Assurance Officer, Myrtle Videna at work
  • Ihab Ramadaan

    Medical Physics Registrar, Ihab Ramadaan at work

    Alice Crawford

    R&D Technologist, Alice Crawford at work

    Tamsyn Dawson

    Environmental Manager, Tamsyn Dawson at work

    Kate Ladley

    Field Botanist, Kate Ladley at work
  • Gianna Tsang

    Research Associate, Gianna Tsang at work

    Verina Yuan

    Statistician, Verina Yuan at work

    Chelsea Morrison

    Mine Geologist, Chelsea Morrison at work

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