Specialist Master's degrees

Specialist Master's degrees

Specialist Master's programmes are designed as preparation for employment (or sometimes research) in a particular area. Sometimes referred to as professional Master’s degrees, they are typically more applied and/or specialised than a similar Master of Science major.

Specialist Master’s degrees can have different structures in terms of the mix of advanced-level courses and research projects. Many programmes involve both coursework and research; others require only coursework, and a few are awarded based on completion of a research thesis alone.

For some programmes, for example the Master of Dairy Science and Technology, you need to be already employed in a relevant industry.

Some of the key programmes for work in technology, engineering and science-based industries are:

  • Master of Dairy Science and Technology
  • Master of Geographic Information Science – for work as a geospatial/GIS analyst
  • Master of Conservation
  • Master of Meteorology – for work as a weather forecaster
  • Master of Forestry Science
  • Master of Engineering with specialist options such as Fire or Transportation Engineering
  • Master of Engineering Geology – for work as an engineering geologist
  • Master of Science Communication


People who have a
Specialist Master's degrees

  • Jules Watson

    Engineering Geologist, Jules Watson at work

    Micaela Kirby-Crowe

    Ranger, biodiversity monitoring, Micaela Kirby-Crowe at work

    Rebecca Day

    Senior Medical Physicist, Rebecca Day at work

    Elles Pearse-Danker

    Project Engineering Geologist, Elles Pearse-Danker at work
  • Christina Finlayson

    Nutrient Budgeting Services Specialist, Christina Finlayson at work

    Tracey Jaques

    Graduate Technologist, Tracey Jaques at work

    Hayley Reid

    Dairy Auditor, Hayley Reid at work

    Pruksachat (Peach) Noiklang

    Electrical Engineer, Pruksachat (Peach) Noiklang at work
  • Michael Gin

    Food Scientist & Marketing Advisor, Michael Gin at work

    Janelle Aitken

    Scientist (Human Factors), Janelle Aitken at work

    Cara Lauder

    Contract Manager, Cara Lauder at work

    Marcel Jekel

    , Marcel Jekel at work
  • Ihab Ramadaan

    Medical Physics Registrar, Ihab Ramadaan at work

    David Warrington

    Forensic Technician, David Warrington at work

    Ekta Jhala

    Medical Physicist, Ekta Jhala at work

    Trudy Geoghegan

    Senior Advisor, Hazardous Substances Reassessments, Trudy Geoghegan at work
  • James Grindley

    Engineering Geologist, James Grindley at work

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