Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer Systems

Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer Systems

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology is a three-year, Level 7 degree with a strong emphasis on hands-on engineering. It's offered in digital/IT-relevant specialisations such as:

  • Computer & Mobile Systems Engineering: designing computer systems, software development, using computers to control industrial machinery, embedded devices in video game consoles and mobile phones, and telecommunications networks.
  • Network & Communications Engineering: the design, implementation and security of computer, voice and data networks and telecommunication systems.
  • Electronic Engineering: robotics and automated systems, embedded computing in industrial, domestic and healthcare devices, radio and other electronic systems.

Where can I work with this qualification?

Graduates of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer & Mobile, Network & Communications and Electronic Engineering specialisations have in-depth understanding of computer hardware, software and networks and the practical skills needed by industries such as telecommunications, rail signalling and air traffic control.

You could work as a computer engineer, network design engineer, telecommunications engineer, electronics engineer, embedded software developer/engineer or even join the New Zealand Defence Force.

What are the entry requirements?

  • 42 to 60 credits at NCEA Level 3, including at least 14 credits in each of Physics and Calculus/Algebra, or
  • Completion of a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (you can count diploma courses towards your degree)
  • A bridging course may allow you to catch up if you don't have the necessary credits in Maths and Physics.

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People who have a
Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer Systems

  • Cody Clarke

    Flight Commander Avionics Squadron, Cody Clarke at work

    Nathan Strawbridge

    2.	Intermediate Engineer – Signals & Telecommunications, Nathan Strawbridge at work

    Ashley Baxter

    Air Traffic Technician, Ashley Baxter at work

    Zachary Mackintosh

    Trainee Technical Coordinator, Zachary Mackintosh at work
  • Michael Down

    Electronics Engineer, Michael Down at work

    Jeremy Tweedie

    Software Engineer, Jeremy Tweedie at work

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