Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is a four-year, Level 8 degree that may be awarded with Honours. The degree includes practical work and team projects, but has a strong focus on theoretical knowledge and will suit students who are interested in engineering design and theory.

Software Engineering is a relatively new specialisation relative to traditional areas like Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, but provides the same training in problem-solving, analysis and team work.

Alternatively you may be able to study Software Development or Software Engineering as part of a diploma or degree in Information Technology, or as a major for a Bachelor of Science or Applied Science.

Where can I work?

Software Engineering graduates are in demand as software developers and engineers in a wide range of industries, including healthcare software and hardware, entertainment (games, apps, multimedia) and telecommunications. Other job roles include game developer, user experience (UX) designer and web developer.

What are the entry requirements?

  • University Entrance, generally with 14-18 credits in each of Physics and Calculus/Algebra.
  • A bridging course may allow you to catch up if you don't have the necessary credits in Maths and Physics.

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Should I study Software Engineering or Computer Science?

Both the Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science qualifications are valued by the digital/IT industries, and graduates of either degree are employed as software developers and engineers.

Advantages of Software Engineering include:

  • Focus on problem-solving and applying technology
  • More group projects and opportunities to develop communication and team work skills
  • Internationally recognised degree

Advantages of Computer Science include:

  • Focus on how computers work and how they can be faster, smarter and easier to use
  • Develops strong programming skills
  • Can combine with other subjects and/or do a double/conjoint degree
  • Three-year degree

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People who have a
Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

  • Toni Otang

    Graduate Infrastructure Developer, Toni Otang at work

    Linda Chin

    Developer, Linda Chin at work

    Bridget Beh

    Software Engineer, Bridget Beh at work

    Matthew Gatland

    Game Developer, Matthew Gatland at work
  • Cody Bunea

    Technical Director, Cody Bunea at work

    Sreeram Sreedharan

    Software Engineer, Sreeram Sreedharan at work

    Nick Irvine

    Software Engineer, Nick Irvine at work

    Nilanthi Seneviratne

    User Experience Designer, Nilanthi Seneviratne at work
  • Kotisi Fakalata

    Product Development Engineer, Kotisi Fakalata at work

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