Wiremu Winitana

Wiremu Winitana

Developer, Intergen

Iwi: Tūhoe, Ngāti Kahungunu

In a nutshell: I'm learning how to apply what I've learnt at university in a working environment: writing code, learning various programming languages, using cutting-edge technology.

Why? "Writing good code can be like a puzzle: sometimes it's short and sweet, and other times it's complicated and takes time and effort. Ultimately it's that feeling of joy when your code is working and the puzzle is solved that makes it all worthwhile!"

Pathway: Otaki College, final year subjects: Calculus, Chemistry, English, Japanese, Maori, Statistics, Physics, Biology
Massey University - Palmerston North: Bachelor of Science, majoring in Nanoscience and Computer Science

Earning: $50,000 approx

I did my schooling in Māori from Year 1 to 9 in Te Korowai Whakamana immersion block at Otaki Primary School. I enjoyed studying Māori, Japanese and English – learning new programming languages is kind of like learning 'real life' languages.

I enjoyed science and music too. Science teaches you to think critically and the scientific method is a great approach to developing good software. Developing awesome code can require a fair bit of creative thinking, and I think playing musical instruments fosters your capacity to write innovative code.

Ever since I was young kid I played around with computers, mostly playing games! So naturally my interest led to studying Computer Science at university. Having got my degree, I can use my skills doing something I enjoy in order to solve real world problems and make solutions that benefit real people.

I'm fresh out of university! In my graduate role I'm applying my studies and learning how to write code in various different programming languages. I do small tasks that assist more experienced colleagues who are working on large Microsoft-based projects that could benefit people worldwide.

The 'puzzles' that developers solve by writing code actively change the way people live. Take Facebook as an example – more than a billion people on this planet use it to keep in contact with friends and family, and share what's happened in their day.

Someone who is able and willing to learn new languages, new technologies, systems and software will be a fine developer. The most important skill is knowing how to find and absorb relevant information.

I bring my Māori values wherever I go. Manaakitanga – encompassing reciprocal hospitality and respect from one individual or group to another – is one of the values that I adhere to most strongly. Along with aroha, it allows the fostering of high-trust relationships, building unity and strengthening interconnectedness.

Posted March 2017

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