Biology is the study of living things such as animals, plants and whole ecosystems, and is essential to our understanding of the world and how it works. The work that biologists do can improve people's lives as well as benefitting New Zealand's environment and economy.

There are lots of different sorts of jobs that use Biology skills, including:

  • Agricultural and horticultural scientists use their knowledge to breed better livestock and more productive plant varieties.
  • Biotechnologists use living things (such as bacteria, yeasts, plants and cells) to create new products and solve problems.
  • Food safety professionals are responsible for checking food for harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

If you like Biology, why not explore some of the jobs on this page? You can also read about people who enjoyed Biology when they were at school.

Why should I take Biology at school?

Studying Biology at school is valuable preparation for tertiary level courses in Biological, Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, but generally you don't need to have Level 3 credits to get into these courses.

A good background in other science subjects (particularly Maths, Statistics and Chemistry) will be useful if you're studying Biological Sciences at degree level, as will English and Digital Technologies.

Job roles that use Biology

  • Agricultural or Horticultural Consultant

    Agricultural or Horticultural Consultant

    Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist

    Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist

    Agricultural or Horticultural Technician

    Agricultural or Horticultural Technician

    Biomedical Engineer

    Biomedical Engineer
  • Biomedical Scientist

    Biomedical Scientist

    Biosecurity Officer

    Biosecurity Officer




  • Environmental Scientist

    Environmental Scientist

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Scientist

    Food Scientist

    Forensic Scientist

    Forensic Scientist
  • Forestry Scientist

    Forestry Scientist

    Marine/Coastal Scientist

    Marine/Coastal Scientist

    Medical Laboratory Scientist

    Medical Laboratory Scientist


  • Product Evaluator

    Product Evaluator

People who studied Biology

  • Sarah Cross

    Apiary Manager / Research Associate, Sarah Cross at work

    Ashley Trobridge

    North Island Area Manager - Zoetis Genetics , Ashley Trobridge at work

    Carina Blair

    Software Engineer, Carina Blair at work

    Tony Li

    Forestry Consultant, Tony Li at work
  • Jessie Prebble

    Plant Systematist, Jessie Prebble at work

    Sheridan Ashford

    Export Operations Manager, Sheridan Ashford at work

    Keshni Rasanayagam

    Senior Technician, Forensic Biology, Keshni Rasanayagam at work

    Taylor Bailey

    Agri Manager, Taylor Bailey at work
  • Charlotte Gray

    Sire Analyst, Charlotte Gray at work

    Mrinal Murali

    Clinical Research Associate, Mrinal Murali  at work

    Brogan McGreal

    Research Associate, Brogan McGreal at work

    Hone Ropata

    Assistant Research Fellow, Hone Ropata at work
  • Odette Shaw

    Scientist, Odette Shaw at work

    Leander Archer

    Junior Horticultural Consultant , Leander Archer at work

    Kathryn McRae

    Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Kathryn McRae at work

    Trang Duong

    Food Scientist, Trang Duong at work
  • Micaela Kirby-Crowe

    Ranger, biodiversity monitoring, Micaela Kirby-Crowe at work

    Johanna Scott

    Genetics Area Manager, Johanna Scott at work

    Chrissy Stokes

    Orchard Productivity Manager, Chrissy Stokes at work

    Anna Van Vuuren

    Senior Analyst, Anna Van Vuuren at work
  • Wei Cheng Phee

    Manufacturing Technician, Wei Cheng Phee at work

    Shravya Srigiri

    Implementation Consultant, Shravya Srigiri at work

    Jenny Green

    Research Support - Maori Engagement, Jenny Green at work

    Andrew Dare

    Scientist, Andrew Dare at work
  • Ben Warren

    Research Technologist, Ben Warren at work

    Miriam Hall

    Research Associate Postharvest Science, Miriam Hall at work

    Christina Finlayson

    Nutrient Budgeting Services Specialist, Christina Finlayson at work

    Rupy Kaur

    Technical Lead (Maternity cover), Maternal Serum Screening, Rupy Kaur at work
  • Laura Ward

    Research Associate, Laura Ward at work

    Lara Brian

    Research Associate, Lara Brian at work

    Jacob Monash

    PhD Student, Jacob Monash at work

    Kelly Jones

    Section Head, Histology/Cytology, Kelly Jones at work
  • Mary Black

    Innovation Leader, Mary Black at work

    Sarah Jackman

    Science Technician, Sarah Jackman at work

    Chris Woods

    Marine Ecologist, Chris Woods at work

    Hayley Reid

    Dairy Auditor, Hayley Reid at work
  • Abigail Arulandu

    Product Development Engineer, Abigail Arulandu at work

    Jacqueline Turley (nee MacCallum)

    Laboratory Technician, Jacqueline Turley (nee MacCallum) at work

    Janelle Aitken

    Scientist (Human Factors), Janelle Aitken at work

    Katie O'Dwyer

    PhD candidate (Zoology), Katie O'Dwyer at work

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