Technology is 'intervention by design', and to study Technology is to explore the 'what', 'why' and 'how' of the process by which humans make things and shape their environment.

You'll develop skills in identifying client needs and opportunities, problem-solving and project management that can be applied in a wide range of industries. Careers that use these skills include pretty much every type of engineering and many different roles in areas from biotechnology to food technolgy.

The Technology curriculum is often taught as a number of different subjects, but there are core elements that are common to all.

  • Studying Design and Visual Communication (Graphics) could lead to careers such as CAD drafting, web design, engineering and product development.
  • People who've studied Digital Technologies (ICT) have followed a wide range of paths from geospatial (GIS) work to software development.
  • Studying Electronics is useful for a career as an electrical or electronics engineer or technician, or working in the digital industries, particularly as a computer systems engineer.
  • Food Technology at school could lead to work as a food technologist, product developer or process engineer.
  • People who enjoyed Materials Technology at school might like to explore a career in mechanical or structural engineering, or get into product design and evaluation.
  • Some schools may also teach Biotechnology – using biological systems and living organisms to create new products and solve problems – during Technology or Science classes.

From this page you can explore the job roles that use the skills developed by studying Technology. You can also read the career stories of people who enjoyed studying Technology when they were at school.

Job roles that use Technology

  • Acoustic Engineer

    Acoustic Engineer

    Biomedical Engineer

    Biomedical Engineer



    Building Services Engineer

    Building Services Engineer
  • CAD Draftsperson

    CAD Draftsperson

    Chemical & Process Engineer

    Chemical & Process Engineer

    Civil Engineer

    Civil Engineer

    Computer Systems Engineer

    Computer Systems Engineer
  • Design/Product Development Engineer

    Design/Product Development Engineer

    Electrical Engineer

    Electrical Engineer

    Electronics Engineer/Technician

    Electronics Engineer/Technician

    Engineering Technician

    Engineering Technician
  • Food Technologist

    Food Technologist

    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst

    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst

    ICT Support Professional

    ICT Support Professional

    Mathematical Modeller or Mathematician

    Mathematical Modeller or Mathematician
  • Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical Engineer

    Operation or Production Engineer

    Operation or Production Engineer

    Power Systems Engineer

    Power Systems Engineer

    Product Evaluator

    Product Evaluator
  • Project/Contract Manager

    Project/Contract Manager

    Robotics or Automation Engineer

    Robotics or Automation Engineer

    Site/Project Engineer

    Site/Project Engineer

    Software Developer/Engineer

    Software Developer/Engineer
  • Software Tester

    Software Tester

    Structural Engineer

    Structural Engineer

    Web Developer

    Web Developer

People who studied Technology

  • James Donald

    , James Donald at work

    Aaron Kaijser

    Structural Engineer, Aaron Kaijser at work

    Dev Michael

    Pump Division Engineer, Dev Michael at work

    Ashe Cooper

    Geotechnical Engineer, Ashe Cooper at work
  • Robyn Findlay

    Graduate Transportation Engineer, Robyn Findlay at work

    Rachel Miller

    Product Development Engineer, Rachel Miller at work

    Stephanie Rigter

    Sales and Management Cadet, Stephanie Rigter at work

    Fiona van Loon

    Fonterra Technical Graduate- Associate Research Technologist. , Fiona van Loon at work
  • Melissa Spearman

    Planner, Melissa Spearman at work

    Sapoa Rimoni

    Site Engineer, Sapoa Rimoni at work

    Marcel Waldvogel

    Civil Engineer, Marcel Waldvogel at work

    Lucian Doig

    Site Engineer, Lucian Doig at work
  • Brett Willis

    Electronics Engineer, Brett Willis at work

    Amelia Bone

    Project Manager, Amelia Bone at work

    Quentin Griffiths

    Regional Sales Manager , Quentin Griffiths at work

    Chris Carlaw

    Transportation Engineer, Chris Carlaw at work
  • Carey Bishop

    Senior Software Engineer, Carey Bishop at work

    Samantha Oldfield

    Product Development Engineer, Samantha Oldfield at work

    Bradley Schwalger

    Graduate Structural Engineer, Bradley Schwalger at work

    Anny Tong

    QA Engineer, Anny Tong at work
  • Vic Chiang

    Research Doctoral Candidate , Vic Chiang at work

    Abigail Arulandu

    Product Development Engineer, Abigail Arulandu at work

    Dudley Haines

    Food Technologist , Dudley Haines at work

    Neala Ye

    Technical Support Technologist - FBI Contractor, Neala Ye at work
  • Troy Brownlie

    New Product Development Technologist, Troy Brownlie at work

    Nathan King

    Senior Project Manager, Nathan King at work

    Brendon Thomson

    Engineering Cadet, Brendon Thomson at work

    Henry Williams

    PhD Student, Henry Williams at work
  • Aubrey Bullen

    Structural Engineer, Aubrey Bullen at work

    Tom Pryde

    Hardware Engineer, Tom Pryde at work

    Michael Higham

    Structural Engineer, Michael Higham at work

    Phil Taylor

    Web/Database Developer, Phil Taylor at work
  • Robert Tang

    Electronics Engineer, Robert Tang at work

    Justin Wilson

    Compliance Officer, Justin Wilson at work

    Henry Carthew

    GIS Analyst, Henry Carthew at work

    Austin Boyle

    Software Engineer, Austin Boyle at work
  • Brendan Vercoelen

    Product Development Engineer, Brendan Vercoelen at work

    Jennifer Abbott

    GIS Analyst, Jennifer Abbott at work

    Matthew Burgi

    Electronics Engineer, Matthew Burgi at work

    Hayden Grant-Ussher

    Mechanical Engineer, Hayden Grant-Ussher at work

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