Design & Visual Comms

Design & Visual Comms

Design and Visual Communication (DVC) students learn about and apply drawing techniques and design practice to communicate their design ideas. They often work on 'real life' projects that develop problem-solving skills.

What you learn in Design and Visual Communication at school is directly applicable to a wide range of jobs, from CAD drafting to web design, geospatial analysis, engineering, product development, urban planning and surveying.

If you enjoy Design and Visual Communication, why not explore one of the jobs featured on this page? You can also read the career stories of people who studied Design and Visual Communication when they were at school.

What is Design and Visual Communication?

The Technology curriculum is often taught as a number of different subjects, but there are core elements that are common to all. These include the key concept of 'intervention by design' and exploring the 'what', 'why' and 'how' of the process by which humans make things and shape their environment.

Design and Visual Communication is the modern replacement for Graphics and Technical Drawing subjects.

The Design and Visual Communication components of the Technology curriculum are:

  • Knowledge of Design Practice
  • Visual Communication
  • Graphics Practice

Why should I take Design and Visual Communication at school?

Studying Design and Visual Communication is good preparation for tertiary study in CAD drafting, engineering, surveying and web design, as well as for many graphics and design-based jobs, but it is not generally required for entry into these courses.

You'll need Maths (especially Calculus and Algebra) and Physics to get into engineering courses. English is another good subject to take, as you'll always need to be able to communicate with clients and work in teams.

Job roles that use Design & Visual Comms

  • Acoustic Engineer

    Acoustic Engineer

    Biomedical Engineer

    Biomedical Engineer

    Building Services Engineer

    Building Services Engineer

    CAD Draftsperson

    CAD Draftsperson
  • Civil Engineer

    Civil Engineer

    Design/Product Development Engineer

    Design/Product Development Engineer

    Electrical Engineer

    Electrical Engineer

    Electronics Engineer/Technician

    Electronics Engineer/Technician
  • Engineering Technician

    Engineering Technician

    Environmental/Urban Planner

    Environmental/Urban Planner

    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst

    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst

    Land Surveyor/Survey Technician

    Land Surveyor/Survey Technician
  • Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical Engineer

    Transportation Engineer

    Transportation Engineer

    Web Developer

    Web Developer

People who studied Design & Visual Comms

  • Nicki Shaw

    Graduate Surveyor, Nicki Shaw at work

    Toby Martin

    Graudate Chemical Engineer, Toby Martin at work

    Kate Smirnova

    Graduate Engineer , Kate Smirnova at work

    Raymond Crawford

    Civil Engineering Cadet, Raymond Crawford at work
  • Arjun Prema

    EMU Technical Support Engineer, Arjun Prema at work

    Ross Yearbury

    Engineer, Ross Yearbury at work

    Sam Green

    Civil Design Engineer, Sam Green at work

    James Huang

    Structural Engineer, James Huang at work
  • Robyn Findlay

    Graduate Transportation Engineer, Robyn Findlay at work

    Michael Etter

    Survey Technician, Michael Etter at work

    Andrew Horsley

    Land Development Engineer, Andrew  Horsley at work

    Eric Wang

    Air Navigation Systems Technician, Eric Wang at work
  • Cameron Lee

    Site Engineer, Cameron Lee at work

    Peter Jenkins

    Lead Project/Mechancial Engineer, Peter Jenkins at work

    Melissa Spearman

    Planner, Melissa Spearman at work

    Brendon Clarke

    Senior Electrical Engineer, Brendon Clarke at work
  • Tony Coutts

    Engineering Technician, Tony Coutts at work

    Roy Matthews

    Development Engineer, Roy Matthews at work

    Lucian Doig

    Site Engineer, Lucian Doig at work

    Brett Willis

    Electronics Engineer, Brett Willis at work
  • Amelia Bone

    Project Manager, Amelia Bone at work

    Chris Conway

    App Developer, Chris Conway at work

    Tom Alexander

    Site Engineer, Tom Alexander at work

    Chris Carlaw

    Transportation Engineer, Chris Carlaw at work
  • Samantha Oldfield

    Product Development Engineer, Samantha Oldfield at work

    Kylie Robinson

    CEO , Kylie Robinson at work

    Poini Palu

     Geotechnical Engineer, Poini Palu at work

    Nick Wyatt

    Electrical Engineer, Nick Wyatt at work
  • Mike Davies

    Research Technician, Mike Davies at work

    Sarah Ratcliffe

    Product Design Engineer, Sarah Ratcliffe at work

    Louis Cuttance

    Project Engineer, Louis Cuttance at work

    James Tombleson

    Licenced Cadastral Surveyor, James Tombleson at work
  • Anny Tong

    QA Engineer, Anny Tong at work

    Imran Rashid

    Traffic Signals Engineer, Imran Rashid at work

    Seth Waldrom

    Site Engineer, Seth Waldrom at work

    Henry Lane

    , Henry Lane at work
  • Sumudu Jayalath

    Electrical Engineer, Sumudu Jayalath at work

    Gabriel Anderson

    Mechanical Engineer, Gabriel Anderson at work

    Zak Mataa

    Structural Engineer, Zak Mataa at work

    Paul Webby

    Technical Product Specialist, Paul Webby at work

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