Food Tech

Food Tech

Food Technology students learn about the science and engineering involved in combining materials/ingredients to formulate new food or drink products. It's creative, hands-on and develops problem-solving and project management skills that will be useful in many jobs.

If you enjoy studying Food Technology, then you could consider tertiary courses in food technology, food science or chemical & process engineering. You might also be interested in microbiology and food safety, biochemistry or other product development/engineering areas.

If you enjoy studying Food Technology, why not have a look at one of the job roles featured on this page?

You can also read the stories of people who studied Food Technology when they were at school.

What is Food Technology?

The Technology curriculum is often taught as a number of different subjects, but there are core elements that are common to all. These include the key concept of 'intervention by design' and exploring the 'what', 'why' and 'how' of the process by which humans make things and shape their environment.

Food Technology is part of the Processing Technologies area of the Technology curriculum – it's quite different from traditional Cooking or Home Economics subjects. Students learn about the basic chemistry of food ingredients, design and test formulations, and develop skills in consumer testing and product evaluation.

Why should I take Food Technology at school?

Studying Food Technology is good preparation for tertiary study in Food Technology, Food Science and Chemical & Process Engineering, although it is not a required subject for entry into any of these courses.

You'll need Maths (especially Calculus and Algebra),Physics and Chemistry to get into Engineering and Food Technology courses. English is another good subject to take, as you'll always need to be able to communicate with clients and work in teams.

Job roles that use Food Tech

  • Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist

    Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist



    Chemical & Process Engineer

    Chemical & Process Engineer


  • Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Scientist

    Food Scientist

    Food Technologist

    Food Technologist


  • Operation or Production Engineer

    Operation or Production Engineer

    Product Evaluator

    Product Evaluator

People who studied Food Tech

  • Fiona van Loon

    Fonterra Technical Graduate- Associate Research Technologist. , Fiona van Loon at work

    Marianna McEwan

    Technical Graduate, Marianna McEwan at work

    Mary Black

    Innovation Leader, Mary Black at work

    Vic Chiang

    Research Doctoral Candidate , Vic Chiang at work
  • Tracey Jaques

    Graduate Technologist, Tracey Jaques at work

    Dudley Haines

    Food Technologist , Dudley Haines at work

    Neala Ye

    Technical Support Technologist - FBI Contractor, Neala Ye at work

    Troy Brownlie

    New Product Development Technologist, Troy Brownlie at work
  • Tessa Tietjen

    Materials Technologist, Tessa Tietjen at work

    Blair Sowman

    Environmental Specialist - Hydrology, Blair Sowman at work

    Amie Duan

    Product Evaluator, Amie Duan at work

    Nick Devcich

    Product Development Technologist, Nick Devcich at work

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