Materials Technology

Materials Technology

Studying Materials Technology will provide you with design, evaluation and project management skills – as well as practical know-how – that will be useful in a range of careers. Structural and mechanical engineering are obvious choices if you enjoyed Hard Materials Technology, or you might want to look at roles that involve product design and/or evaluation.

If you enjoy studying Materials Technology, why not have a look at some of the job roles featured on this page?

You can also read the stories of people who studied Materials Technology when they were at school.

What is Materials Technology?

The Technology curriculum is often taught as a number of different subjects, but there are core elements that are common to all. These include the key concept of ‘intervention by design’ and exploring the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the process by which humans make things and shape their environment.

Materials Technology is part of the Construction and Mechanical Technologies area of the curriculum, which focuses on the knowledge and skills associated with working with materials to construct a product.

Schools generally offer two separate subjects based on the materials that students are working with:

  • Resistant Materials Technology, where students work with wood, metal, plastic, ceramics or glass – this may also be called Hard Materials Technology, Design Technology, Multi-materials Technology or Product Design.
  • Textiles Technology, where students work with fabrics and textiles – this is often called Soft Materials Technology or Fashion Technology.

Why should I take Materials Technology at school?

Studying Materials Technology at school is good preparation for tertiary study in many different engineering areas, particularly Structural, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, although it is not a required subject for entry into any of these courses.

You'll need Maths (especially Calculus and Algebra) and Physics to get into engineering courses. English is another good subject to take, as you'll always need to be able to communicate with clients and work in teams.

Job roles that use Materials Technology

  • Acoustic Engineer

    Acoustic Engineer

    Building Services Engineer

    Building Services Engineer

    Design/Product Development Engineer

    Design/Product Development Engineer

    Electrical Engineer

    Electrical Engineer
  • Forestry Scientist

    Forestry Scientist

    Geotechnical Engineer

    Geotechnical Engineer

    Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical Engineer

    Operation or Production Engineer

    Operation or Production Engineer
  • Product Evaluator

    Product Evaluator

    Project/Contract Manager

    Project/Contract Manager

    Robotics or Automation Engineer

    Robotics or Automation Engineer

    Structural Engineer

    Structural Engineer

People who studied Materials Technology

  • Michelle Dickinson

    Nanotechnologist, Michelle Dickinson at work

    Nazanin Rafati

    Research & Development Technologist , Nazanin Rafati at work

    Daniel Sutton

    R&D Technical Adviser , Daniel Sutton at work

    Carla Muller

    Economist , Carla Muller at work
  • Marcel Waldvogel

    Civil Engineer, Marcel Waldvogel at work

    Nathan Marks

    Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Nathan Marks at work

    Michael Hoogendoorn

    Mechanical Engineer, Michael Hoogendoorn at work

    Emile Webster

    Research Scientist, Emile Webster at work
  • Mike Davies

    Research Technician, Mike Davies at work

    Louis Cuttance

    Project Engineer, Louis Cuttance at work

    Zachary Mackintosh

    Trainee Technical Coordinator, Zachary Mackintosh at work

    Zak Mataa

    Structural Engineer, Zak Mataa at work
  • Nathan King

    Senior Project Manager, Nathan King at work

    Stewart McVinnie

    Mechanical Engineer, Stewart McVinnie at work

    Chris Peck

    Mechanical Engineer, Chris Peck at work

    Donovan Van Kekem

    Air Quality Scientist, Donovan Van Kekem at work
  • Lucinda Swatton

    Engineering Geologist, Lucinda Swatton at work

    Jed Graham

    Product Development Engineer, Jed Graham at work

    Douglas McMillan

    Air Traffic Technician, Douglas McMillan at work

    Frances (Frankie) Daroux

    Product Evaluator, Frances (Frankie) Daroux at work
  • John Pocock

    Sheet Metal Fabricator , John Pocock at work

    Rebecca Stewart

    Power Systems Engineer, Rebecca Stewart at work

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