Geography seeks to interpret the world, how it changes over time and how people interact with their environment.

It’s often divided into two types:

  • Human Geography, which explores the relationships and connections between people and both natural and cultural environments.
  • Physical Geography, which is more about investigating the Earth’s surface to describe its patterns and the processes that create them.

You’ll learn to think spatially and use maps, including new technologies such as geographical information systems (GIS), to acquire, analyse and present information.

If you like Geography, why not explore one of the jobs featured on this page? You can also read people's stories to find out where they went with the Geography they enjoyed at school.

Why should I take Geography at school?

Studying Geography will help you understand the world around you, and will help you develop the transferable spoken and written communication skills that you’ll need for all tertiary study and most careers.

Although you won’t be required to have NCEA credits in Geography to get into any tertiary level courses, it will give you a head start if you choose to study Geography or related subjects like:

  • Geographic Information Science (GIS) – using digital technology to turn data into maps and do spatial analysis
  • Geology – focusing on the Earth, its composition, and the forces acting on it
  • Geophysics – studying the Earth and environment using physics and maths
  • Earth Sciences – similar to geology but may include meteorology and oceanography
  • Environmental Science – bringing together biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and engineering to study the environmental effects of human activity

Job roles that use Geography

  • Civil Engineer

    Civil Engineer

    Climate Scientist + Meteorologist

    Climate Scientist + Meteorologist



    Engineering Geologist

    Engineering Geologist
  • Engineering Technician

    Engineering Technician

    Environmental Engineer

    Environmental Engineer

    Environmental Scientist

    Environmental Scientist

    Environmental/Urban Planner

    Environmental/Urban Planner
  • Forester






    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst

    Geospatial (GIS) Analyst
  • Geotechnical Engineer

    Geotechnical Engineer

    Land Surveyor/Survey Technician

    Land Surveyor/Survey Technician

    Marine/Coastal Scientist

    Marine/Coastal Scientist

    Soil Scientist

    Soil Scientist
  • Transportation Engineer

    Transportation Engineer

    Water Resources Engineer

    Water Resources Engineer

People who studied Geography

  • Mallory Pope

    Spatial Analyst, Mallory Pope at work

    Nava Fedaeff

    Climate Scientist, Nava Fedaeff at work

    Nicki Shaw

    Graduate Surveyor, Nicki Shaw at work

    Hannah Berger

    Geo-Environmental Scientist , Hannah Berger at work
  • Acacia Farmery

    Graduate Forester, Acacia Farmery at work

    Jacob Saathof

    Forest Engineer, Jacob Saathof at work

    Amanda MacDonald-Creevey

    GIS Analyst, Amanda MacDonald-Creevey at work

    Amanda Firestone

    GIS Analyst, Amanda Firestone at work
  • Frances Stannard

    Surveyor, Frances Stannard at work

    Abby Wake-Mayo

    Geotechnical Engineer, Abby Wake-Mayo at work

    Matt Price

    Engineering Geologist, Matt Price at work

    Jules Watson

    Engineering Geologist, Jules Watson at work
  • Paul Robinson

    Vineyard Manager, Paul Robinson at work

    Aaron Falconer

    Graduate Engineer - Utilities, Aaron Falconer at work

    Heather Martindale

    Geochemist - groundwater scientist, Heather Martindale at work

    Carl O'Neil

    Graduate Transportation Engineer, Carl O'Neil at work
  • Joanne Wills

    GIS Consultant, Joanne Wills at work

    Sheree Tidswell

    Environmental Scientist, Sheree Tidswell at work

    Sarah MacCormick

    Planner, Sarah MacCormick at work

    Chun-Lin Lee

    Transportation Engineer, Chun-Lin Lee at work
  • David Gainsford

    Engineering Geologist, David Gainsford at work

    Katie Jones

    Remote Sensing & 3D Geology Technician, Katie Jones at work

    James O'Brien

    Data Analyst, James O'Brien at work

    Ben Moorhouse

    , Ben Moorhouse at work
  • Kent Steel

    Enviornmental Specialist, Kent Steel at work

    Josh Fisher

    Graduate Engineering Geologist, Josh Fisher at work

    Kimberley Dynes

    Surface Water Quality Analyst, Kimberley Dynes at work

    Lucinda Swatton

    Engineering Geologist, Lucinda Swatton at work
  • Leighton Gillespie

    Engineering Geologist, Leighton Gillespie at work

    Petra Pearce

    Climate Scientist, Petra Pearce at work

    Jacqui McCord

    Hardware Engineer, Jacqui McCord at work

    Kate Waterhouse

    GIS Technician, Kate Waterhouse at work
  • Jotham Alex

    Planner, Jotham Alex at work

    Nic Grgec

    Transportation Engineer, Nic Grgec at work

    Chris Cowie

    Farm Services Officer, Chris Cowie at work

    Laura Bates

    GIS Analyst, Laura Bates at work
  • Delia Strong

    Geology Technician, Delia Strong at work

    Tim Bailey

    Senior Surveyor, Tim Bailey at work

    Seth Laurenson

    Soil Scientist, Seth Laurenson at work

    Rose Turnbull

    Rutherford Postdoctoral Fellow, Rose Turnbull at work

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