Hubbards Foods

Hubbards Foods

Hubbards manufactures breakfast cereals. We’re a privately-owned company and have grown steadily since being founded in 1987. We now employ about 160 staff in our Auckland factory, which runs 24 hours, six or seven days a week.                    

We employ seven people with science or technology qualifications and another five with engineering skills. We find that graduates have good problem-solving skills as well as technical know-how.

Technological knowledge is extremely important to us; it’s where innovation occurs. Understanding science is also essential. We could not formulate recipes and set up production successfully without both types of knowledge.

Our company is multicultural, with about 15 languages spoken by our staff. We value this diversity. Team work is very important here – most of the work is cooperative. We expect people to give their best and to contribute, to seek to improve and to raise any concerns they may have with us.

We provide personal development opportunities for employees, and involve them in both day-to-day and strategic decision making. We have an action-oriented environment with very little red tape. We are responsive and our people are listened to. We also encourage risk taking and innovation, giving people opportunities to learn and contribute.

We don’t have any trouble finding staff and often have queries from people looking for jobs with us. We keep a record and contact them if a role which might interest them turns up.

If you’re interested in a particular job in the industry, talk to someone working in that area. Visit a workplace if you can, to see what they actually do and what qualifications are needed. Talk to teachers, and careers advisors. If you can get a part-time or holiday job in the industry, it gives you an insight into the work and whether you’ll like it.

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Updated October 2017

People who have worked for Hubbards Foods

  • David Kay

    Operations Improvement Manager, David Kay at work

    Emma Alexander

    Product Development Technologist, Emma Alexander  at work

Hubbards Foods employs people in these job roles

  • Food Scientist

    Food Scientist

    Food Technologist

    Food Technologist

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