Tasti Products

Tasti Products

Tasti Products is a privately-owned New Zealand company in West Auckland. It was founded over 70 years ago.

We produce over ten million muesli bars every week, a good proportion of which are exported to Australia. From the early 200s onwards, we invested $20 million to provide the factory with computer-controlled robotic food manufacturing machinery to make our plant more efficient.

We have 265 staff and operate 24 hours a day, five days a week. The company has enjoyed a growth phase over the last seven years, becoming one of the largest employers in West Auckland.

Nine of our people have engineering or electronics backgrounds, and another nine have food technology or science qualifications. We provide pathways for people with technology, engineering or science qualifications to move onto senior management positions with the company.  

We depend on being innovative to keep our place in the market and produce more growth for us in the Australasian market. We keep people with the company by providing challenge and opportunities. Benefits include: free breakfast and snacks, staff discounts and free flu vaccinations and hearing checks.  

There is a worrying shortage of the technical skills we need to keep up with international trends in food formulation and technology. Food technology and food science are cornerstones of the innovation and production processes we use. New Zealand needs young people to train in these areas if we are to remain internationally competitive.

To find out what it’s like in the food industry, talk to people in the particular area you’re interested in. Ask lots of questions, and try to get a summer job to find out first hand.

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Updated February 2014

People who have worked for Tasti Products

  • Nick Devcich

    Product Development Technologist, Nick Devcich at work

Tasti Products employs people in these job roles

  • Electronics Engineer/Technician

    Electronics Engineer/Technician

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Scientist

    Food Scientist

    Food Technologist

    Food Technologist
  • Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical Engineer

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