Cerebos Gregg's

Cerebos Gregg's

Cerebos Gregg’s is a food company owned by Cerebos Pacific Ltd, Singapore. It has a sister company in Sydney and others throughout South East Asia. We manufacture and market fresh coffee, instant coffee, herbs and spices, sauces, cooking aids, salt and powdered beverages. 

Upcoming changes in our operation mean that Dunedin will become the Australasian centre for coffee production. We’ll be redeveloping the site, and will continue to employ about 325 people there. Our other foods will be produced in Australia, so we are closing our East Tamaki manufacturing site in December.

We employ a number of people in roles such as packaging and food technology, where they work on New Product Development (NPD) projects and as production supervisors. We also employ maintenance and project engineers.

Cerebos Recruitment always asks for a degree or similar in science, technology or engineering. These graduates offer good technology skills and the ability to learn quickly.

We offer a competitive salary, an excellent training programme, a good working environment and a recognition and rewards scheme. People enjoy working for Cerebos!

Teamwork is very strong, especially in NPD. We run training courses for project and team leadership. We also have a strong learning and development programme which is linked to our cultural values and business objectives.  In addition there is an Emerging Leaders programme which high performers demonstrating potential can be selected for.  

If you’re interested in this industry, find out about companies – what is their business, what roles are available, what qualifications and/or experience do they require? Most importantly, what training and experience can they offer and what opportunities are there for progression within the company.

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Updated July 2014

Cerebos Gregg's employs people in these job roles

  • Chemical & Process Engineer

    Chemical & Process Engineer

    Food Scientist

    Food Scientist

    Food Technologist

    Food Technologist

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