Heinz Wattie's

Heinz Wattie's

Heinz Wattie’s Ltd produces food to a value of almost $1 billion per year. As well as our own brand, we produce over 20 other labels, including Heinz, Craigs, Oak, Good Taste Company, Chef and Cottees.

Started in Hastings in 1934 by James Wattie, the company is now owned by the private multinational, Heinz. Heinz Wattie’s employs around 1,000 permanent staff across three sites – head office in Auckland and manufacturing sites in Hastings, Auckland and Christchurch – and approximately 1,000 additional seasonal staff.

We employ staff with food science, food technology and engineering backgrounds, across a wide range of positions. These include: product development, packaging development, process engineering, improvement technology, project engineering, quality assurance, technical systems, food marketing, technical management, nutrition, production supervision/management and environmental management.

We support our employees to work through traditional internal and external training courses, and encourage people to progress their career paths within the company.

All salaried staff are eligible for generous and achievable incentive bonuses, based on the annual company results and a formal, detailed appraisal of their performance. Permanent staff are eligible to join the company superannuation scheme and join medical insurance schemes at a company group rate. 

We encourage membership of relevant professional organisations, such as Engineering New Zealand and NZIFST, the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Each summer Heinz Wattie’s employs approximately ten Food Science, Food Technology and Engineering students. We also fund scholarships at the University of Otago and Massey University for students enrolling in a Food Science or Food Technology degree.

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Heinz Wattie's Scholarship (Otago)
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Updated March 2014 

People who have worked for Heinz Wattie's

  • Pamella Ariestia

    Product Development Technologist, Pamella Ariestia at work

    Manfred Chun

    Product Development Technologist, Manfred Chun at work

    Samuel Richardson

    Product Development Technologist, Samuel Richardson at work

    Owen Fisher

    Product Development Technologist, Owen Fisher at work
  • Isabel Beattie

    Packaging Technologist , Isabel Beattie at work

    Carrie Jolly

    Food Technologist, Carrie Jolly at work

    Mollie Fitzgibbon

    Product Development Technologist , Mollie Fitzgibbon at work

    Kate Rennie

    Product Development Technologist, Kate Rennie at work
  • Adrian Hoggard

    Quality Assurance Officer, Adrian Hoggard at work

    Michelle Hutton (née Lucke)

    Product Development Technologist, Michelle Hutton (née Lucke) at work

Heinz Wattie's employs people in these job roles

  • Chemical & Process Engineer

    Chemical & Process Engineer

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Scientist

    Food Scientist

    Food Technologist

    Food Technologist
  • Operation or Production Engineer

    Operation or Production Engineer

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