Futureintech works to increase the number of young New Zealanders choosing careers in technology, engineering and science

The Futureintech programme brings people who already work in technology, engineering and science-related industries into schools. By sharing the experiences and pathways of these Ambassadors, Futureintech inspires young New Zealanders to explore careers in STEM areas, particularly where there is strong demand for people with the right skills.

Why is Futureintech necessary?

New Zealand has a shortage of technologists, engineers and scientists. In order to develop innovative, high value industries, provide communities with better facilities and infrastructure, and protect our environment we will need more people with the right skills.

At the same time, many young New Zealanders are missing out on satisfying and well-paid career opportunities because they don't know what they are or how to get into them.

Careers in technology, engineering and science are among the most exciting, varied and rewarding possible. They offer opportunities to travel, discover and create new things, work in teams, and really make a difference.

What does Futureintech do?

Futureintech promotes careers in technology, engineering and science by bringing people who are already working in STEM-based industries into classrooms. These Ambassadors share their stories, provide authentic information and inspire young people to explore more widely.

Our Facilitators work with teachers and careers advisers to identify opportunities for Ambassadors to enhance Maths, Science, Technology and Careers programmes. We cover most of New Zealand, including Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Wellington, Christchurch, Canterbury and Dunedin.

We also publish a range of flyers, brochures and posters, and share Ambassadors' stories and useful information via our student-focused website.

How is Futureintech run?

Futureintech is an initiative of Engineering New Zealand and funded by the government through Callaghan Innovation. In 2016-17 we received additional funding from the Ministry for Primary Industries to increase our coverage of STEM careers in agriculture, horticulture, fishing and forestry sectors. Our industry partners also make a very significant contribution, donating the time their employees spend as volunteer Ambassadors.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase the proportion of technology, engineering and science enrolments amongst total enrolments in tertiary study.
  • Raise the profile of careers in technology, engineering and science as highly desirable.
  • Offer school students realistic learning experiences in technology, engineering and science.
  • Establish co-operative relationships between industry and education communities.

Futureintech is an initiative of Engineering New Zealand, funded by Callaghan Innovation