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Do you have a question about what to study or what it would be like to work in a technology, engineering or science-related career? This question and answer forum allows New Zealand school students to get the inside information from our panel of engineers, food technologists, surveyors, IT professionals and scientists.

You can ask about what qualifications you'll need, the daily work, the highs and lows of a particular job, lifestyle, future prospects or anything else that's on your mind.

We'll ask people already in relevant jobs to answer your question – from their own experience of working in these areas and their knowledge of the qualification pathways for their company or industry – and share their answers online.

Have a look at what's already been posted - you may find that your question has already been answered. We've grouped the answers by area: Technology (including food technology), Engineering, Science, Digital (IT), Farming, Fishing & Forestry, plus all the other areas such as surveying and biomedical.

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Question 145:

I'm really interested in science and the human body. I think I’d like to study towards a biomedical science career, although I’ve also considered becoming a medical laboratory scientist or microbiologist. 

What do people who work in these roles do?

– Tertiary Student from Cambridge (01 November 2017)

Question 144:

I’m thinking of doing the three-year Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) in Electrical Engineering.

If I do the two-year New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (NZDE) first then cross credit into the BEngTech it will take an extra 1.5 years.If I just do the degree, will I have the same study as someone who does the NZDE and BEngTech?

– Year 11 Student from Mt albert (26 October 2017)

Question 143:

I am interested in studying Land Surveying. What does the job involve and what career opportunities are there?

– Student from Auckland (15 September 2017)

Question 142:

I am studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Geography and taking all the core papers for GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

Is it worth staying on to do Honours in the field of GIS, in terms of jobs and salary?

– Year Undergraduate Student from University of Auckland (08 September 2017)

Question 141:

What do geotechnical engineers do?

What are the requirements to be a geotechnical engineer – do I need to take Biology and Chemistry?

– Year pathway course Student from auckland (07 September 2017)

Question 140:

What could I expect to do as a software engineer, and what sort of people would I be working for?

What are the qualifications?

– 04 September 2017

Question 139:

What makes a great mechanical/electrical/mechatronic engineer? What advice would you give to a future engineering student?

– Year 13 Student (08 August 2017)

Question 138:

I recently decided I’d like to be a software developer but I don't take Physics – would I need to pick up Level 3 Physics?

I’m currently taking Accounting, Economics, Maths, English, Programming and Digital Technologies.

– Year 12 Student from Rongotai College (08 August 2017)

Question 137:

I am interested in doing Chemical Engineering next year and wondered which universities provide a good chemical engineering degree.

I would also like to know what the differences are between the universities offering this discipline.

– Year Year 13 Student from Palmerston North (08 August 2017)

Question 136:

I plan to do a Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Geology at Otago.  I am interested in biology and have some interest also in computers.  Any suggestions of how to combine these or if they’re compatible?  

Do most people with a BSc in Geology need to do postgrad study after this? What are your thoughts on a Master’s degree in Geological Engineering?

(See below for five more answers to this question)

– Year 12 Student from Canterbury (20 July 2017)

Question 135:

I plan to do a Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Geology at Otago.  I am interested in biology and have some interest also in computers.  Any suggestions of how to combine these or if they’re compatible?  

Do most people with a BSc in Geology need to do postgrad study after this? What are your thoughts on a Master’s degree in Geological Engineering?

– Year 12 Student from canterbury (20 July 2017)

Question 134:

I am interested in the environment with particular regard to sustainability, and have just started volunteering for pest control in the local bush.

I want to be an Environmental Engineer. I get the impression that there are a lot of fields this degree could take me into and would like to know what kind of work I might end up doing.

I wonder if doing a Bachelor of Science majoring in environmental science as a conjoint with the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (BE (Hons) is a good idea or should I just do the BE (Hons)?

– Year 13 Student from Katikati College (12 July 2017)

Question 133:

I’m going to study Electrical and Electronics engineering at university next year.

1. What sort of laptop would be suitable for an electrical engineering student?

2. What software do you use?

3. Do you have any other tips about studying engineering? 

– Year Year 13 Student from Tauranga (23 June 2017)

Question 132:

I have finished school but am now looking at a new career pathway – engineering. I don’t have Level 3 Calculus (although I did Level 2) and fall short of the rank score required to enrol towards a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the University of Auckland. I took Level 3 Physics.

– Student from Auckland (30 May 2017)

Question 131:

What is the difference between a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) and a Bachelor of Engineering? Are they interchangable?  Can you do honours with both?

– Year 11 Student from Auckland (25 May 2017)

Question 130:

I am thinking about studying Mechatronic Engineering. What are the job prospects like? Does it involve a lot of work with robotics?

– Year 13 Student (18 May 2017)

Question 129:

I am studying Level 3 Physics, Biology and Calculus plus other non-science courses.

I’m really interested in engineering but my favourite subject is Biology – any suggestions on how I could use biology in engineering?

– Year 13 Student from Canterbury (26 April 2017)

Question 128:

I am interested in studying Ecology but wonder how I could make my degree stronger given there seems to be limited jobs in the field.

I am taking Level 3 English, Media, Biology, Physics and Calculus and in Year 12 took Digital Technologies.

– Year 13 Student from Timaru (26 April 2017)

Question 127:

I am interested in studying Biotechnology, Food Science and/or Nutrition or Psychology. I think I would enjoy a job researching these sciences but I am concerned about the availability of jobs and the duration of study required for a research position.

Or would something with more job opportunities like Food Technology be more practical?

– Year 11 Student from Auckland (26 April 2017)

Question 126:

I'm interested in physics and plan to do a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, although I really don't know which branch of physics to focus on.

If I want a career as a geophysicist, is that the right degree to do or do I need to focus on a Geophysics degree? What does the job look like?

Is there another career path that uses physics?

(See below for five more answers to this question.)

– Year 13 Student from Te Puke (02 March 2017)

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