Bridging courses can help you meet entrance requirements for tertiary study

Students building a lifesize Leonardo's bridge Most universities and polytechnics offer intoductory courses in Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. If you have left school without the right NCEA Level 3 achievement standards, these bridging courses can help you meet the entrance requirements of degrees such as engineering, information or food technology and some science majors.

Bridging courses may be offered as Summer School papers before the main academic year starts. Introductory courses may also be taught during the year but this option may add an extra semester to your degree or diploma programme.

Alternatively, you could enrol in a certificate, diploma or degree with a lower entry requirement. Completion of this qualification - or sometimes just the first year of the course - can help you transfer into the degree of your dreams.

If you haven't achieved university entrance, many tertiary institutions offer a certificate of university preparation or foundation studies.

Universities and polytechnics are generally keen to help you to find a pathway to their degrees and diplomas, so talk to their admission advisors as soon as you can. Contact details and summaries are listed for each tertiary provider in our Bridging Courses infosheet, and you can also use our tertiary Course Finder to explore your options.

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