Our Ambassadors visit schools to share their stories and inspire students

There is no replacement for personal inspiration when it comes to choosing a career. Futureintech Ambassadors are people already working in technology, engineering and science-based industries who have volunteered their time to visit schools. They act as role models – sharing their authentic stories, connecting their work to Maths, Science and Technology learning areas, mentoring project teams and inspiring young people to explore a range of creative and rewarding career opportunities.

Ambassadors can share inspiring career stories

Our Facilitators recruit and train people to visit schools as Futureintech Ambassadors. They look for people who are:

  • Already in a role that uses science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) skills*
  • Enthusiastic about their career and the industry they work in
  • Able to share interesting experiences and projects
  • Able to relate to young people and work alongside teachers

*Our Ambassadors represent approximately 50 job roles, which are described in the What job could I do? section.

Most Ambassadors are early-career professionals

We recruit mainly people who are in the early stages of their career as they:

  • Are more likely to have hands-on involvement in projects and interesting stories to tell
  • Can relate easily to young people
  • Can share more recent educational pathways
  • Have more time available and are most likely to benefit from opportunities to improve their public speaking skills

Ambassadors can explain tertiary pathways

Our Facilitators make sure that Ambassadors:

  • Can explain their pathway through tertiary study, and talk about the rewards and the challenges
  • Have a relevant New Zealand qualification
  • Or if overseas-trained, can talk about the New Zealand equivalent of their own qualification pathway
  • Are knowledgeable about the full range of qualification pathways
  • Can refer students to the Futureintech website for more information

Ambassadors want to 'give back'

Our Ambassadors are motivated to volunteer by a number of factors, both personal and professional, including:

  • Giving back to their community
  • Helping others to take advantage of the same opportunities that they benefited from
  • Practising their public speaking and communication skills
  • Raising the profile of their company, occupation or industry

Represent skill shortage job roles

Futureintech promotes careers and industries where there are shortages of qualified people. This focus means that there are a number of occupations that use technology, engineering and science that we don't promote, such as:

  • Jobs in architecture, graphic design and industrial design, where there tend to be more qualified people than vacancies
  • Health sciences roles – such as doctors, nurses and physiotherapists – that already have a high profile

Futureintech is an initiative of Engineering New Zealand, funded by Callaghan Innovation